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Old dog – new tricks

Thinking & speaking differently

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Remember the 1998 movie The Horse Whisperer? This movie along with TV shows like The Dog Whisperer brought the word “whisperer” to the forefront of public consciousness. A ‘whisperer’ is a person who has an extraordinary ability to relate to and communicate with animals. It conveys a seemingly magical ability. Being that most of us spend our days with human animals, I believe we could use some “Human Whisperers” in today’s society.

Some among us are genuinely open to others and talk to them in a way that overcomes the biases acquired over a lifetime. We can't forge true connections with people until we understand them. By making some small adjustments, I think we can start communicating more effectively and build stronger relationships.

We’ve all observed that person who can walk into a room and light it up with politeness. It is a magical thing to witness. Sometimes, we regard that person as a “breath of fresh air.” We are drawn to someone genuinely excited to meet us and to learn our story. And, conversely, we’ve all experienced the uncomfortableness of an unfriendly, closed-minded person. We instinctively know the kind of person who habitually complains, criticizes, or condemns.

From my vantage point, people who can show unconditional kindness are the most powerful people in the world. And we can learn from them. Observe, notice, and emulate these whispering “fresh air” types. I don’t know about you, but I breathe a little easier when they’re around.

Old dog – New tricks

Sometimes as a coach, I’ve heard adult players resign themselves to an inability to learn. They shrug it off saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” My response to that is, “First of all, you are not a dog. You’re a person.” And, secondly, “The ‘old dog-new trick’ saying is a myth.” Of course, everyone can learn if they choose to do so. I prefer the saying, “It’s never too late to learn.”

We are barraged with thousands of self-help books, courses, and podcasts. Pick a topic, and there is a self-help subject dedicated to it. The content is endless. It would suggest problem resolution is a click away. Read, study, and proceed to dismantle the issue that troubles you. Simple. If the answers are out there, then why are humans still struggling with seemingly solvable issues. Take dieting as a quick example. Many of us promise to be resolute with eating better and making lasting changes. But how many actually do it – consistently and permanently? The answer is a small percentage.  

Humans are the apex species on the planet.<br>

Humans are the apex species on the planet. The most intelligent, creative, and resourceful beings surely have conquered the struggle of body weight, right? I find it hard to fathom that as a species we have not. One of the reasons I’ve engaged in blog-writing is to add my voice to the throng of those trying to help others. I’ve never seen an article or book on how to become obese or how to encourage injury. Of course not. As humans, we seem to want to be fit and healthy. But the chasm between wanting and doing can be vast.

Thinking & speaking differently 

After reading and commenting on Adam Grant’s book, Think Again, in last week’s blog, I have continued to contemplate the dilemma of binary thinking. When I read something to be of great value, I find it worthwhile to continue to inhabit those thoughts. As these gems present themselves to us, you can’t ‘unknow’ them. They bring you to a new place in the Universe. 

I’ve decided to make a shift in a simple but common phrase. I believe this small adjustment will improve my communication effectiveness. I think I can encourage stronger relationships, and maybe it will help me learn to be a whisperer. Here’s what I am going to do: Instead of ending a conversation with “Talk to you later…” or closing a meeting with “I’ll talk with you next week…”, what if we change it up a bit. I have already changed my vernacular and am getting some quizzable looks and responses. (But if you’ve been reading my blogs for some time you know that I’m used to that.)

Whispering differently.

I have begun using the phrase “I’m looking forward to learning more from you next week”. Or sometimes I’ll say, “Can you share more with me the next time we talk?” This phrasing has a more precise and different meaning. The shift from my action (“I’ll talk”) to learning from the other party. It’s subtle, yet effective. It’s part of the secret that those ‘light up a room’ folks know instinctively.

One of my pet peeves is hearing the demands of restaurant patrons, “Give me one of those,” or “I’ll have that…”. These are common, accepted phrases, yet so discourteous. We are exposed to rude and selfish behaviors daily. However, Human 101 would suggest that common decency is universal. Phrases like “May I please order this?” or “Could I try this please?” have connotations of respect and are idioms of those human whisperers we aspire to be.

As I stated in the Blog “The most powerful technology in the world”, language permeates everywhere and into everything. The technology of language has shaped our entire existence. Language is a vital part of human connection. It is said that language reflects and at the same time shapes our thoughts and, ultimately, our culture. 

Ask Me Anything 

Over the past few years, the bodyhelix team has enjoyed providing useful information to help its readers learn about physical exercise, nutrition, mental training, injury prevention along with several other topics. This month we are starting a new aspect for our blog audience. Hopefully, this new venture will prove helpful and fun. We call it the AMA Blog (Ask Me Anything). We’ll take your questions/suggestions/topics and create a blog answering those burning questions.

Let’s have some fun and learn together. The subjects can follow our training trends or can vary into other topics. The universe is the limit. We’ll do our best to field your questions from sports strategy to life hacks to personal habits to recommended products. Questions like, “What would you do if ….? or “How do I recommend a change to a friend?” or “Why can’t I improve?”

Get your questions ready. You are now officially invited to join our community for some customized learning and fun. Submit your questions to blog@bodyhelix.com. Our team will consider, ponder, and noodle over your questions. We’ll do our best to provide helpful researched responses.

Thank you for reading our content. The bodyhelix team appreciates your support and feedback. To use my newly adopted phrasing, “I look forward to hearing from you with your questions or suggestions on ways we can learn together.” Consider this as an open door to our shared journey of discovery. 

We will neural-cultivate together. 

For more information please visit https://bodyhelix.com/blog/

It is my greatest hope that you will implement some tips from our Bio-Cultivating and Neural-Cultivating blogs. Further, it is my hope you will be inspired to pass these learnings along to family and friends. We all have people in our lives who have the desire but lack the accurate information to improve their health. It is frustrating to sift through the bombardment of data and the misinformation in today’s world. It’s no wonder some give up in frustration. I believe that we deserve the healthiest choices that honest modern science can offer. It is my mission to help as many of us as possible get and stay healthy.

Body Helix

As a tennis coach myself, I found the compression industry to be unacceptable for our needs. I set out on a journey to help you and your students. I know we all get beat up. The harder we compete, the more we get injured. All compression is not created equal! At Body Helix, we start with an unapologetic obsession for exceptional quality. Our design philosophy is to create modern, innovative gear that surpasses that which is offered in the global marketplace. As a privately held, Veteran-owned, North Carolina company we challenge global leaders to elevate their compression game or step aside. It’s compression gear, designed by tennis players, for tennis players.

Be well and stay focused on cultivating your health, your mind, and personal solitude. If I can help you further never hesitate to reach out to me.

Move Through It.
Coach Fred.

Fred Robinson Tennis Champion, North Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame.

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