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Was billed as being a power paddle and instead it is very control oriented. Resets are easy as pie but no power on the paddle.

I saw your 2 star review this morning. Thank you for your honest feedback. You may be the first person so far to think the paddle does not have power. Power in pickleball paddles is somewhat subjective, so I accept your opinion.

We built that paddle with small cell polypropylene, aramid fibers, and the blended kevlar carbon surface. Everything about that 18mm paddle design screams power. Some people do find that because the kevlar/carbon surface feels like it holds the ball a tad bit longer that the paddle feels "softer". But, to date, no one has said the paddle lacks power.

Thank you for giving our small business a try.
Joann Nicodemus, COO
body helix

X3 PRO Pickleball Paddle
C. (Jacksonville, US)
The Excalibur of Paddles!

Like most seriously committed players, you acquire multiple paddles to contend with varying playing styles or weather conditions, etc. I needed to replace a 20mm carbon fiber paddle, specifically designed for the bangers (I gifted it to a newbie to PB). I've never been a "Brand" guy because good companies can put out crap products. For 3 days I researched paddle after paddle and reading review after review. Every company boasted of their latest paddle tech and who's using their gear. Blah, blah, blah! But wait! I came across advert for the Body Helix x3 pro, 18mm paddle. It appeared to have the perfect balance of features and beauty, with a great price point. This paddle quickly excelled to the top of my list. There was one problem though! In the Body Helix description, it stated that this paddle is designed for 5+ players and not for beginners or intermediate players. I found myself slightly offended at their exclusive marketing of this paddle to pro level players. Somehow, what I heard was, "Scrubs need not buy." They have crossed the line, was my conclusion. They won't get my money! But, my research kept bringing me back to not just this paddle but also to this company. My aspirations to be a 5+ player compelled me to take the bait.

The paddle arrived a day earlier than expected (thank you BH). My wife and I were awestruck when pulling out the x3 pro and it's array of accessories. Words cannot express how beautifullly made this paddle is along with its plush paddle cover. It is a sight to behold! Are 5+ players a special class of people? Is this how the Aristocrats of PB live? It feels like the essence of refinement in my hand...hey Ben Johns, come get some! Just kidding.
When I actually got to the courts, I immediately felt unworthy to wield this paddle. Was this purchase a mistake and would it be obvious that the x3 pro is above my skill grade? Hard to explain, but it was very intimidating pulling this Excalibur of paddles out of my gear bag for all to see. It's beauty drew stares from all over...what is that and who is Body Helix? I couldn't believe how nervous I was... people were wanting to see what this work of art could do.

Well, I played 5 days straight, including league play and this thing it is a beast!
In my opinion, the x3 pro is designed for top tier players but its also a truth teller for all who want to be great at PB.
The x3 pro with its extend 6" handle seemed to close the gap between thought and execution. It's as though this paddle cheered me on even when I missed a shot. It's accuracy and control gave confidence that I can get the next shot. The more comfortable I became with the x3 pro the more I could stretch beyond current capacity and make difficult sliver shots. It was as though this paddle was wooing me to play above my station. Whether you're playing bangers lor dinkers, you will get the deserved respect with this paddle. I might not be a 5+ player (at the moment) but I sure make them nervous when I step on the court with this beauty!

X3 PRO Pickleball Paddle
David Chittenden (Auburndale, US)
Transitioning Tennis Player Love It!

Tennis player for 50+ years, decided to transition to pickleball. I’m not a 5.0 yet, may never make it but this paddle sure feels just right. Always had a great two hand backhand as well as one hand slice and drop, so I thought the 6” handle length was necessary and I was right. Tried lighter paddles but just couldn’t find a groove of familiarity, the 8oz X3 Pro feels like I’m swinging something. Surprised at the amount of spin I’m generating. Now if they would just allow 27 inch paddles (the length of a tennis racquet) I’d be in business!

Great paddle that is very underrated at a very reasonable price compared to other paddles in the market. More players should be aware of this paddle and the brand. I had few players hitting with it as they were intrigued and all were surprised of how responsive, powerful and balanced it was.

Great job Body Helix Team.

It is a great product due to being a little shorter but with a wider body gives me a larger sweet spot with more control. I had the X1 and did not care much for the other longer handle Helix brands that can out after. I knew I wanted to try the X4 and did some comparison with the 6.0 Ruby Red, but found the better paddle along with price was the X4. Very happy with my purchase 👍🏼👍🏼

X3 LITE Pickleball Paddle
Grant (Hagerstown, US)
Best hidden gem on the paddle market

The X3 lite plays similar to the Six Zero DBD 16mm but has a bit more dwell time on the paddle face (probably due to the Kevlar). It has great control but still has a ton of pop and an insane amount of spin. I didn’t use the paddle at first due to some upcoming tournaments and being so used to my DBD but once I gave it a chance it really impressed me. The longer handle allows for excellent control on top spin backhand dinks and resets but can be tricky to get used to at first. The sweet spot is a decent size but a little higher up due to the space taken by the extra handle length but that’s a trade off that I’m fine with. Overall if you’re looking for a thermoformed paddle with a 6in handle this is the way to go.

I like these balls but some of my friends don’t like how soft they are. Just my 2 cents. But I like em

Body helix is awesome!

Love this paddle and love this company! Shipment got to me on time (dare I say earlier than expected). Definitely gonna check out other body helix products!

I like the packaging, the product, and the accessories.

TFCC Wrist Brace
M.B. (Enterprise, US)
they work

I have TFCC instability after bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. I am very active and wear these during those times. They help significantly but are not the most comfortable devices. I do no know how they could improve the design without losing function.

X3 PRO Pickleball Paddle
Sang Chun (Woodland Hills, US)
My Number 6th paddle

My 7th different paddle
X1 n X3 pro is best paddle I ever used
I play and Teach pickleball over 36 hrs of week
X1 (1 year)
X3 Pro (2 months)
No delamination and perfectly balanced paddle (X3pro)
My experience
I delaminated 2x, one of the popular paddle company in 30 days and new replacement paddle in 45 days

X4 Pickleball Paddle
E.G. (Charlotte, US)
Really excellent paddle, replacing my X2

Great paddle, I went with the 16mm as I find it has a bit more stability than the 14mm. Really excellent spin with the new grit. Added some weights on the sides and it resets like a dream, similar to the X2. Highly recommend!

Elbow Helix
Peter Eisenberg (Asheville, US)
Exactly what I was looking for.

Exactly what I was looking for. I ordered a medium size which appeared to be what needed and it fits perfectly, is comfortable and provides the support I require.

Route Package Protection

The items I received were a perfect fit and of great quality. They will give support to my areas of concern.

X4 Pickleball Paddle
J.K. (Charlotte, US)
Love it! 14mm vs 16mm

I switched from the 16mm to the 14mm seamlessly! I get the extra power from the 14mm with the same amount of control from the 16mm. From the serves & returns to the dinks and resets, the X-4 allows for swift movements anywhere on the court! I recently started training singles and the paddle is great to create the spin and power for passing shots and overhead put always. I can’t say enough good things about this paddle! AND you can’t forget about the highest quality paddle cover and wonderful staff!!

X4 Pickleball Paddle
Eryn Ratcliffe (Charlotte, US)
Body Helix X4 Review

I received two X4 prototypes because I was considering switching from my X1 and as a tennis player, the longer handle really appealed to me! I really liked the X4 and thought it had a similar touch as the X1, which I’ve gotten really used to! It felt nice to have a really sturdy two-handed backhand too! I was actually playing with my upcoming tournament partner the other day and he borrowed my X4 to try it out and at the end of the night, said he was going to buy an X4 when we got home! He liked it much better than his Gearbox (a $280 paddle)!

X4 Pickleball Paddle
Alex Holdgate (Charlotte, US)
Checks all the boxes!

The x4 has a lighter swing weight, an ability for soft play, a great spin off the face, and the put away power you need. Every body helix paddle has been a winner! Keep up the good work

X4 Pickleball Paddle
Brock Starlton (Charlotte, US)
X-4 14mm Speed, Spin, and Power

Fantastic paddle. Body Helix has done a great job engineering a paddle with great speed, power, and spin. The speed is my favorite part, because the shape lets it move through the air quickly without compromising stability. You’ll also notice how good the grit is by how much ball material comes off after each game. I would highly recommend! Paddle cover is very luxurious too

X4 Pickleball Paddle
Brett Clayton (Charlotte, US)
X-4 14 MM Power

Been trying out every Body Helix paddle until this one just fit like a glove. Great power and Spin. Being a body helix, you know it will last longer than any other paddle at a great price. Can't recommend it enough.

X4 Pickleball Paddle
James Skillern (Clayton, US)
X-4 16mm - Right on Point!

First the X-4 is nothing short of amazing! I’ve played with it for 2 days and it’s the real deal. The power and control are spot on. I dialed in on it after 2 games and my game play along with reset, dinking, and serves were the best they’ve ever been. It was super easy to battle at the kitchen and the paddle just glided with ease through the air without any drag. Another thing I’ve been working on is my 3rd shot drops and they were good about 80% of the time so it will only get better with time. One thing to note is I played with the stock paddle and didn't add any extra weight. My paddles are usually 8.6 oz, but the X-4 handled everything just fine. Also, the grit on the paddle face really allowed me to put some nice topspin and sidespin on the ball which was good to feel the ball come off the paddle face so smooth. The X-4’s paddle design and engineering is the best I have ever experienced with a pickleball paddle. I have played with or owned several top name paddles. Plus I have a few years of experience playing tennis, ping pong, and some racquetball so I am familiar with racquets/paddles and how they perform. I have no arm fatigue or tennis elbow pain which has plagued me in the past.

At the end of the day, when you see all the different paddles lined up, the X-4 competes and is better than many of the top names. People asked me about the Body Helix Paddles, and I told them they could try mine out and be sure to look it up online because this is not a fly by night company with cheap materials. It’s truly a work of art and plays like a champion!

X4 Pickleball Paddle
Greg Hansen (Blairsville, US)
Incredible Paddles

I posted an extensive review on my blog. It is a bit too long for this space, but if you want to read it, follow this link:

X3 PRO Pickleball Paddle
J.M. (Lexington, US)
Reset Machine

This paddle is a reset machine! As soon as I put it in my hand I knew I found something special 😁 seriously through I'm thoroughly impressed with the consistency I have with this paddle. Whether I'm dinking, resetting shots on my way to the kitchen or driving from the mid court, every shot feels crisp and clean! This panel is very similar to the x- 2 pro. This one is a little lighter and helps me to have faster hands at the net

X4 Pickleball Paddle
Greg Weyer (Charlotte, US)
X1's big brother......X4 (FIVE BIG STARS)

Finally had the chance to test out my new X4 today! AWESOME!!
I've been playing with the X1 for about 6-7 months now and have absolutely loved it. I felt that the X4 played very similar to the X1 but with a bit more pop on my drives. The control was the same for me. One of the main reasons why I loved the X1 was its power and control. I'm getting the same from the X4 but with just a tad more power/pop. This was noticeable on my drives only. There was no sacrificing on control with the added power. I also really like the size/shape of this paddle. It has more rounded corners at the top very much like the X2 and X3. The paddle face is smaller than the X1 as well. I feel a little faster at the kitchen which I really like. I do have a two handed backhand and prefer a smaller handle which the X4 has compared to the X2 and X3. Again, I feel I have quicker hands with a shorter handle. If I had to choose between the X1 and X4, I would say the X4 is the one for me. The overall size, power and control makes it the perfect paddle. The amount of grit on the paddle face is a bonus too!! I did get the 16mm so this review is based on that model only. Body Helix is putting out some of the best paddles on the market. You can't go wrong with any of the options they offer. X4 for the win!!!!

X4 Pickleball Paddle
M. (Charlotte, US)
Awesome Paddle!

Amazing combination of power, spin and touch! 14mm plays like a 16mm with great pop yet great control from the kitchen and transition zone. I’ve played a bunch of different paddles including carbon, six zero and Ronbus and this is my favorite so far!