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Body Helix X-2 LITE Pickleball Paddle
Bobby Willis (Shelby, US)
Excellent Customer Service

I absolutely love my new X-2 paddle. It has awesome spin, great control and a lot of power. I reached out to customer service with a question and got a response the same day. Looks like I made the right choice to go with Body Helix.

Full Calf Helix
A.L. (Charlotte, US)
Great product

I am an older male who took up Pickleball 2 years ago. Suffered multiple calf strains my first year each taking a longer time to heal. Was given this calf sleeve by a tennis playing friend. It keeps my calf warm and loose and have had no more problems since I started wearing it. Purchasing a spare/replacement in case this one ever wears out.

Awesome quality

Body Helix X-2 Pro Pickleball Paddle
Steve Greene (Hampstead, US)
Get Ready - The X-2 Pro Will Take Your Game to a New Level!

The X-2 Pro has to be the most balanced premium paddle on the market. It packs the strongest punch and spin of any paddle i've ever used. The crazy part is that it also provides the player with an unrivaled balance of control and consistency. Love the 18mm thickness and the genius design will allow you to easily adapt your game to any pace any skill level for both singles and doubles.

I switched from another premium "thermoformed' paddle and was surprised by how easy the transition has been in the first couple of games. Hate to say it - this paddle really does all the work but with half the effort! The consistency is like no other, which really helps with the delivering the perfect FEEL..

Highly recommend if you are looking to take your game to the next level!

This is a WEAPON (in the right players hands)

This paddle is incredible if you know how to use it. It is great for former tennis players due to the handle length and head heaviness, however it does require pretty high skill level so may not be suited for newer players. I think the theme of the X2 Pro should really be “less is more” as balls will FLY off the paddle if you don’t learn to control it.

It has ridiculous spin & power, outstanding build quality, and clearly proprietary tech that really stands out in a highly saturated market. It is very heavy, but it’s not heavy just for the sake of being heavy. The fact that the extra weight is actually built into the core (vs lead tape on outside) is actually noticeable, as it provides a much more substantive contact with the ball and adds to the feel of “solidness” when you hit. Soft game does require some getting used to, but drops and dinks only took a few minutes during warmup to get comfortable with, and the extra power actually makes drops easier once you learn to do less. Mid court resets are EXCELLENT as you just need to get the paddle in the right spot and the paddle will do all the work for you. Ball falls right into the kitchen with very little effort.

Overall, this is a really, really well built paddle that might take some getting used to, but is an absolute WEAPON in the right players hands.

Premium Paddle

The X-2 Pro utilizes state-of-the-art technology truly creating a premium paddle. To me, this paddle fully encompasses what a paddle should feel like. Solid, rugged, & dependable. After trying it once I haven't looked back.

A paddle amongst toys

The X-2 Pro is a different tier compared to other paddles. The reset is automatic. The feel is unreal. Best paddle on the market… and its core has a layer of Kevlar so if things go down at the courts, you’re bullet proof.

Body Helix X-2 Pro Pickleball Paddle
Jaron Moss (Lexington, US)
Impressive paddle. I would say the best I've ever used!

The first thing that struck me about the X-2 Paddle was its incredible power on my serves. It's been a game-changer in that aspect.

I was pleasantly surprised by its consistent performance during net play. It gave me an impressive level of control while still allowing for aggressive shots.

One thing that stood out to me was its reliability during resets from the baseline to the kitchen. No matter where I hit the ball on the paddle, it consistently landed where I intended.

Overall, this paddle has significantly boosted my confidence on the court. It's made me feel more capable and in control during games.

Body Helix Ultra-Light Hat
Jennifer Thompson (Fort Mill, US)
Great hat!

I love this hat, mainly because of the longer and wider visor. It's lightweight, comfortable, and keeps sweat off of my face. Highly recommend it for any athlete!

Pickleball Paddle Accessory Kit
Caleb Wilson (Atlanta, US)
Worth every cent!

This accessory kit is all you need to be fair. For $22 you get all this stuff that lasts you for months. The eraser allows me to erase any wear and tear on my paddle face and creates a new surface for my next day of game play. The lead tape has helped my control and spin I can generate on the ball and has given me insane power with just a couple strips! Definitely worth buying and I will purchase it again!

Team Body Helix Pickleball Backpack
Caleb Wilson (Atlanta, US)
Super spacious and Super stylish

This bag honestly is it! From the unique design, down to the spaciousness of the bag itself, this bag you will want to invest in. With its big body and comfortable straps, you can fit as much as you want in this bag and still carry it comfortably on your shoulders! Trust me or don't, but this bag is definitely one of the better bags I have had.

Men's Oxymesh Dri-Fit Shirt
Caleb Wilson (Atlanta, US)
Sweat wicking and very comfortable.

This shirt is awesome! The colorways allow me to mix and match with anything I want to wear that day but the comfort of the shirt itself is unbelievable. It definitely isn't your standard Dri-Fit shirt. Body Helix has made it to wear it is a little tighter fitting around the arms, so it hugs my biceps a little more which and overall, it allows you to move and feel free. Lastly, it absorbs sweat so easily and you can't even tell! It's like you are wearing a towel but one that is super comfortable and lightweight, I love it!

Body Helix AIR FLOW Performance Shirt
Caleb Wilson (Atlanta, US)
Very lightweight and breathable shirt!

This shirt provides the perfect balance of versatility and comfortability. This shirt grants you flexibility and allows you to maneuver easily when playing any sport. It is also very comfortable and lightweight which is also great when being active. By far one of my favorite shirts Body Helix has made!

From tennis to pickleball

The X-2 has a tennis racket feel with comfortable handle, perfect balance and gets lots of spin. I moved from the X-1 to the X-2 because I like the extra weight and power.

Full Knee Helix
Diane Malison (Asheville, US)
Love the compression wrap!

Love the compression wrap! Discovered it at a recent tournament and thought I would give it a try because after a few games, my 70 year old knee was starting to swell and feel a little gritty. Anyway, I finished 10 doubles games and some singles (alot of pickleball for me) without even thinking about my knee. Later, I realized I had no pain. The next morning I did not have the usual stiffness or need to ice. I plan to throw out all my other wraps and braces.

Full Knee Helix
Cheri Johnson (Asheville, US)
Perfect for the court.

Body Helix has the best compression products. I have bought several sleeves (ankle, knee, wrist, shoulder) over the years and have been very pleased each time. I also like the hydration drink.

Body Helix X-1 Paddle
Grant Herlocker (Asheville, US)
Love Body Helix

I purchased my first paddle approximately 9 months ago and love the power I get - I have been told my touch is my best ability so I want a paddle that helps me be aggressive- definitely has helped me progress quickly- I typically play 4.0 tournaments but feel I can definitely start playing 4.5 as well with this paddle- company has been supportive when I needed anything - shirts came in and size was not what I needed- they helped me to a great resolution.

Body Helix X-1 Paddle
Barb Loeper (Asheville, US)
Power control spin reset! Love it

Yes the body helix racket is wonderful. It has great power and control at the same time which is hard to find in a racket. Being a tennis player in the past and loving top spin and under spin this racket has been phenomenal for my game. The best thing about the racket, though is the ability to reset the ball more efficiently.

Body Helix X-1 Paddle
Dallas Mackie (Asheville, US)
I love it

I purchased arm sleeves at the Wake Forest tournament for future use. The rep Eva Aguirre was very personable and helpful and walked me through buying on my phone. I had previously bought the BodyHelix paddle because of her recommendation and I love it. I do feel my game has improved as resets and touch shots are more consistent than ever.

Body Helix X-1 Paddle
Jennifer Branchini (Asheville, US)
Amazing paddle

Amazing paddle. Would love to be an ambassador. I play 3-4 times a week.

Team Body Helix Pickleball Backpack
Ken Sokol (Waxhaw, US)
Lamborghini of pickleball bags

So I have had so many pickleball bags - but the search is over. This bag holds 5+ paddles, a dozen balls, towels, etc. The top pocket of the bag is lined to protect your keys and phone. The side mesh pockets are excellent for snack and beverage storage. The bag is well thought out and ends the search! Thanks Team Body Helix!

Body Helix X-1 Paddle
Caleb Wilson (Statesboro, US)
Body Helix X-1 paddle

This paddle in all honesty may be the best on the market. With its two layer of carbon as well as it’s bigger sweet spot, my control, spin, and power on the ball has been at an all time high. I feel more confident stepping onto the court and I feel way more relaxed because I can trust my strokes. Definitely recommend this paddle to anyone looking to buy a new paddle.

Thigh Helix
kevin bangs (Moravia, US)

You can go to a pharmacy of sporting goods company and get a higher quality product for a fraction of the cost. I was a fool.

Hi Kevin. Thanks for taking the time to leave your critical review. The only reason to call yourself a fool is because you could have received a full refund if you had returned your product in like new condition. And by now you have learned that the product you would get at the drugstore would absorb sweat, migrate out of position and not stretch more than the human body as our products do. It seems that you have left this poor review for reasons other than fact.
Best Regards,
Tom Parker

Full Ankle Helix
Steve Cook (Greensboro, US)

It's absolutely wonderful, wish I had it much earlier.

Body Helix X-1 Paddle
Robert C. (Mount Airy, US)
Intermediate player review

Paddle is solid, quiet and reactive with a big sweet spot and no dead areas. First upgrade from beginner (cheap) paddle so take with a grain of salt, but seems to be a power paddle that would appeal to tennis players due to length and power, where I (a ping pong player) might be happier with a shorter/lighter higher spin paddle. But again, new to paddles and may grow into it. No negatives to speak of, just not sure a fit for my style of play.