Mindset in Overcoming Your Injuries.

Mindset in Overcoming Your Injuries.

Sep 22, 2021Fred

Mindset in Overcoming Your Injuries.

Over the past couple of weeks, several friends of mine have been dealing with injuries of various severities and durations. In an attempt to help them and those of you dealing with acute or chronic injury pain, I remembered a great interview we previously posted. I believe these thoughts on overcoming injuries are worthy of a repeat performance. Having the right attitude about injuries may propel us forward in our quest for athletic improvement.

Dr. Neal Newman, psychologist and personal friend, is also an accomplished champion in men’s tennis, with national and world doubles’ titles. I have had the honor of playing with Neal on US cup teams internationally. I’ve also been on the other side of the net from him and know first-hand what a worthy adversary he is. His record speaks for itself. He’s won over 40 National Double’s titles and competed in many international tournaments. 

In his professional psychology practice, Dr. Newman specializes in general psychotherapy with a focus on stress management, sports’ psychology, and performance enhancement. Neal’s love for tennis grew as he increasingly appreciated the mental challenges and possibilities offered on the court. He says, “I feel like tennis has been a way to develop myself as a person and an athlete. We’re all in the process of sculpting ourselves.”

I’ve linked the interview below. Dr. Newman’s responses are thoughtfully articulated, and I’m sure you will learn a great deal. I hope reading this blog will help you “Move Through It”.


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