5 Reasons to Wear Protective Glasses in Pickleball
Dec 20, 2023
In pickleball, safety should always be a top priority. The risk of eye injuries is ever-present due to the speed and dynamics of the game. Protective glasses provide a simple yet effective solution to mitigate this risk, preventing potential harm to your eyes and enhancing your overall gameplay experience.
Alleviating Pickleball Elbow: 5 Effective Exercises for Recovery and Prevention
Nov 19, 2023
Pickleball elbow, often referred to as "tennis elbow," is a common overuse injury among pickleball players. It manifests as pain and discomfort on the outer part of the elbow and can significantly impact a player's performance and overall enjoyment of the game. To overcome and prevent pickleball elbow, incorporating specific exercises into your fitness routine is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the five best exercises to help with pickleball elbow, offering relief and reinforcing your arm's strength and stability.
5 Benefits of using Aramid Fibers with Small Cell Polypropylene Cores
Nov 09, 2023
The benefits of using an aramid core in a pickleball paddle are undeniable. This innovative material provides enhanced power and control, improved durability, reduced vibrations, and optimal shot placement. When you choose a pickleball paddle with an aramid core, you are investing in a tool that can significantly improve your game and give you a competitive edge.
3 Reasons stacking might not be your smartest play
Jul 27, 2023
While there might be moments where stacking proves advantageous, players should use it sparingly and focus on developing their skills in a standard side-by-side formation.
Do you know these 5 Tennis and Pickleball Champions?
May 18, 2022
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May 11, 2022
Pickleball, what is the fascination with this “new” sport? Why are tennis players finding this...