5 Benefits of using Aramid Fibers with Small Cell Polypropylene Cores

5 Benefits of using Aramid Fibers with Small Cell Polypropylene Cores

Nov 09, 2023Joann Nicodemus

Unlocking the Power of Aramid Cores in Pickleball Paddles

As players strive to improve their skills and enhance their gameplay, equipment innovation has become a key focus. Among the technological advances in pickleball paddles, the combination of aramid fibers into a small cell polypropylene core stands out as a game-changing feature. In this blog, we will:

  • Clarify the differences between large and small cell polypropylene cores,
  • Define aramid fibers and describe how they are added to a paddle,
  • Explain the 5 benefits of using aramid fibers in conjunction with the small cell polyprolpylene
  • Illustrate how the combination can transform your game.

Comparing Core Types:  Small Cell Polypropylene and Large Cell Polypropylene

When it comes to polypropylene cores, two common sizes of the polyproplyene honeycomb (commonly referred to as PP honeycomb) are used: small cell polypropylene and large cell polypropylene. Each core size has its own set of characteristics and advantages. Let's compare the small cell polypropylene core to the large cell polypropylene core to better understand their differences:

Small Cell Polypropylene Core:

  • Consistency: Small cell polypropylene cores are known for their consistent and uniform structure, translating to predictable shot performance.
  • Weight and Power: They tend to be heavier, offering more power but compromising maneuverability slightly.
  • Noise and Vibration: They often have reduced vibration and noise, leading to a quieter and more comfortable playing experience.

Large Cell Polypropylene Core:

  • Weight and Power: Lighter for excellent maneuverability and control.
  • Control and Touch: Provides a softer and more controlled feel for precision shots.
  • Noise and Vibration: May generate more noise and vibrations for enhanced shot feedback.

Why not use small cell PP in all paddles, based on the benefits?  Weight and cost are the 2 biggest reasons.  Small cell PP is heavier, contributing to the overall weight of the paddle.  Many pickleball players prefer a paddle around 8.2 oz which is achievable with the large cell PP.  The second reason is cost.  Small cell PP costs more and, thus, contributes to the overall cost of the paddle.

Understanding Aramid Fiber

Aramid fibers are a class of synthetic, heat-resistant, and strong materials that have a wide range of applications, from body armor to aerospace components. They are known for their remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, making them a perfect choice for demanding environments. In pickleball, aramid cores are often incorporated into the construction of paddle cores to harness these exceptional properties.

Adding Aramid to the Polypropylene Core

The integration of aramid into the polypropylene core is a sophisticated process that combines two exceptional materials to create a high-performance paddle. This fusion is crucial in achieving a perfect balance of power, control, and durability.

  • Material Selection: The process begins with the careful selection of high-quality polypropylene and aramid materials. Polypropylene is known for its lightweight and durable properties, while aramid is renowned for its exceptional strength and shock-absorbing capabilities.
  • Core Formation: The polypropylene core is typically created first, often as a large, solid sheet. This core provides the foundation of the paddle, contributing to its structure and shape.
  • Aramid Layer Integration: To combine aramid with the polypropylene core, manufacturers layer sheets of aramid fabric on top of the polypropylene. These layers are strategically placed to optimize the performance characteristics of the paddle.
  • Lamination and Bonding: The aramid layers are then securely bonded to the polypropylene core through a lamination process, ensuring a strong and durable bond.
  • Thermoforming and Shaping: The combined core is heated and thermoformed into the desired shape of the paddle, allowing for careful molding to achieve the desired dimensions and weight distribution.

5 Benefits of using Aramid Fibers with A Small Cell Polypropylene Core

  1. Enhanced Power and Control.  Aramid cores bring a perfect balance of power and control to your pickleball game. The unique composition of aramid fibers allows for a strong yet lightweight core. This results in a paddle that can generate significant power when needed, such as for powerful drives and smashes, while also providing the necessary touch and control for finesse shots, such as dinks and volleys. With an aramid core, you can confidently execute a wider range of shots, making you a more versatile and formidable player on the court.
  2. Consistency and Durability.  Aramid offer excellent consistency and durability. Adding aramid to the polypropylene core means that your paddle's performance remains consistent throughout its lifespan, ensuring you can rely on it for game after game.
  3. Reduced Vibrations.  Vibrations can be an unwanted distraction during play, affecting your shot accuracy and comfort. Aramid, with its ability to dampen vibrations, provides a more comfortable and focused playing experience. By reducing the vibrations transmitted through the paddle, aramid cores help mitigate the risk of developing discomfort or strain in your hands and arms during prolonged play. This added comfort can make a significant difference in your overall performance on the court.
  4. Optimal Shot Placement.  With an aramid-core paddle, you gain the ability to place your shots more precisely. The paddle's consistent and controlled response ensures that your shots land exactly where you intend them to, increasing your chances of winning points. Whether you're aiming for the sidelines, the kitchen line, or the opponent's weak spots, an aramid-core paddle helps you maintain the precision you need.
  5. A Competitive Edge.  As pickleball continues to grow in popularity, competition becomes fiercer. To gain a competitive edge, players are constantly seeking ways to improve their game. Choosing a paddle with an aramid core can be the game-changing decision you need to outperform your opponents. The combination of power, control, and durability provided by aramid cores can help elevate your gameplay and lead you to victory on the pickleball court.

The benefits of using an aramid core in a pickleball paddle are undeniable. This innovative material provides enhanced power and control, improved durability, reduced vibrations, and optimal shot placement. When you choose a pickleball paddle with an aramid core, you are investing in a tool that can significantly improve your game and give you a competitive edge.

By integrating aramid into the small cell polypropylene core, we have created a versatile and high-performing paddle that combines the strength of aramid with the consistency of small cell polypropylene. This process results in a paddle that offers players a balanced combination of power, control, consistency, and durability.

Designed for the advanced, high-level competitive athlete, our X-2 Pro with an aramid-small cell polypropylene core construction provides a reliable and high-quality paddle that can help you achieve your best performance on the pickleball court.

Embrace the future of pickleball and watch your game reach new heights with the superior technology of aramid cores.

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