Do you know these 5 Tennis and Pickleball Champions?

Do you know these 5 Tennis and Pickleball Champions?

May 18, 2022Fred Robinson

Congratulation to these titleholders!

This week's blog is personally inspiring. It is remarkably rewarding for the entire Body Helix team and me to watch our friends compete in the sports they love – pickleball, tennis, track & field, cross-fit, hiking, or any other. We are grateful that Body Helix can stand in the winner's circle with you.





It is meaningful to know that Body Helix can assist – even in a small way – in achieving your sports ambitions, fitness goals, or continuing with your active lifestyle. It is a privilege to help so many of you with injury recovery and prevention. It's why we're here. Our purpose is to help reduce or prevent pain associated with sports. Pain can hamper life, and Body Helix attempts to ameliorate it. Whether you are in full competition mode, post-event recovery, or devoted to pursuing a healthy routine, we are delighted to share your journey.  

Developing and refining a champion's approach is cultivating a disciplined work ethic. A champion's game is defined by training. Day in and day out, athletes go about honing their craft. It's about doing all the small things that usually go unnoticed by the average person. It's less about being athletically talented or physically gifted. It's more about hard work and lots of it. It's a dedicated long-term habitual process.

You can't cram in training right before a tournament. You can't skip important prep work and expect to be better than average. That long-term disciplined dedication is the difference between mere competitors and genuine contenders. Body Helix gets it. We're with you when you're going the extra mile – even when no tournament is looming. Champions win and endure because of this principle. They earn it. They out-work, out-train, out-research, and out-push all opponents.  

Body Helix acknowledges and appreciates those who push themselves to be better. That grit will allow you to keep going. That determination will bolster you when you're exhausted or feel pain. And there will be pain. It's the price of admission to stand in the winner's circle. Body Helix helps you move through it. It's what we do. It's why we're here. I am proud of my friends, hitting partners, opponents and players who leave it all on the court. Team Body Helix salutes you!  


Allow me to introduce you to a few people I admire and am honored to know in the sports world. These folks are among the Who's Who in my book. I revere their legendary careers, on- and off-court professionalism, and counsel.

Stuart Saiki, Mike Tammen winning the Men's 60 Doubles ITF World Championships<br>

Stuart Saiki & Mike Tammen – World Tennis Doubles Champions

I have known Stuart Saiki and Mike Tammen for many years. In addition to their tennis skills, I am equally impressed with how they comport themselves on the court. They offer respect to every opponent. Stuart and Mike are true gentlemen of the sport. Sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose, but their decorum and etiquette are always on point, no tennis balls flying into the stands. This month, I applaud these two in their Men's 60 Doubles ITF World Championships.

* The previous week they won the Von Cramm Cup for the USA, with teammates John Saviano, and Bill Moss.

These guys continue to compete nationally and internationally. Their list of titles is much too long to list here. Having Stuart and Mike win the World Championship is the representation we want to showcase around the globe. Stuart's coach and biggest supporter, his wife Denise (an accomplished player), was cheering on this team in the doubles final. I'm sure she was elated and exhausted after watching this battle.

Denise said, "They came away with the win 7-6 (9-7), 7-6 (8-6)". Stuart needed his thigh and elbow Body Helix to make it through the World Championship M60's Doubles Final today." Congrats again, Stuart and Mike. I am so happy that Body Helix was there with you.

Peter Popovich winning Silver medal at the National Senior Games, Pickleball<br>

Peter Popovich – National Pickleball Champion

My friend, Peter Popovich, is an avid pickleball, racquetball and badminton player with National Senior Games Gold Medals in all three sports. He's a former state tennis champion and member of the Case Western Reserve University Athletic Hall of Fame, posting a career singles record of 52-2 and a mark of 50-4 in doubles play. After earning a Master's in Sports Administration, Peter served for four years as the Athletic Foundation Director at UNC Charlotte.

In addition to a 25-year career in residential real estate, Peter and his wife Virginia are very active in playing, teaching, and promoting pickleball. Peter is also a life coach/consultant and an inspirational keynote speaker. He loves to read, study, and learn – continuously. No wonder we're good friends. I am honored that he is now a Body Helix ambassador. Kudos Peter!

Joanne Russell winning the US Open Pickleball Mixed Doubles<br>

JoAnne Russell – Wimbledon Doubles Champion 

JoAnne Russell is an American former professional tennis player. With playing partner Helen Gourlay Cawley, she won the Wimbledon ladies' doubles title in 1977. They beat the team of Chris Evert and Rosie Casals in the first round and the top-ranked team of Martina Navratilova and Betty Stöve in the final. In the world of ATP Tennis and WTA Tennis she is a legend. JoAnne recently sent me this note: "Fred, I want you to know that I tried your Hydro Helix. I had been using another formula that I liked, but I would still get cramps either at the end of the day or in the middle of the night.

Today I played in my first tournament since I had my shoulder replaced and my rotator cuff fixed. I used the Hydro Helix. It was hotter than hell, and the Hydro Helix was excellent. My partner looked as if he was melting. Well, we won the gold in the 65's age at the U.S. Open! I play again on Thursday in the women's 65 age 5.0 skill and then on Friday mixed 65 age 5.0 skill.

I actually like the taste too because I'm not drinking anything unless it tastes OK. It's not too sweet. It's kind of tangy. I promote Body Helix all the time there. I never wear anything except for your stuff, and now the Hydro Helix. It's amazing. I woke up today <after playing>, and I feel good." Thanks for the kind words, JoAnne. I'm excited that Hydro Helix worked for you. Welcome back to pickleball championships 2022.

Glenn Busby – World Senior Tennis Champion singles & doubles

Glenn Busby has been in the tennis news and an elite coach to top tennis players for over 40 years and is currently ranked No 1 in the world on the ITF Tour. Since 2006, Glenn has won 15 world ITF seniors titles, including 8 singles. He has won more than 50 International titles. He has won awards such as the John Newcombe, Australian and State Seniors Awards and Master's Athlete of the Year award.

As a younger player, Glenn played in the Australian Open, won a junior Grand Slam doubles and reached the quarter-final of 2 Australian Grand Slam juniors. Recently, Glenn won the Men's 65 Singles ITF World Championships and the Men's 65 Doubles ITF World Championships with partner Mark Vines in Palm Beach. Glenn believes that almost everyone in senior tennis has an ailment or injury that holds them back, and it's vital to find a fitness regime that works for the individual. Glenn wore his Body Helix products during the competition. Congratulations Glenn!


My home club in Charlotte, Old Providence Racquet Club, had a large group of top contenders competing this past week at the annual Atlanta Senior Invitational Tennis Tournament. It's fun to watch their progress as they compete. I received many positive comments about our new Hydro Helix drink helping them perform this week. And, they repeatedly tell me how they could not have gotten through their match without their Body Helix gear — with many wearing more than one compression product during play. 

Dominic, Antoinette Faccone wearing body helix sports gear in Antelope Canyon Arizona.<br>

My friends, Dominic and Antionette Faccone, are Olde Providence Racquet Club members. Both are tennis and pickleball players. Whether on the court or enjoying other activities, they sport their Body Helix gear. Thank you for sharing.

Three cheers to all players, contenders, and champions. Please keep us posted throughout your journey. We'd love to hear about your accomplishments and welcome the opportunity to highlight your achievements. Send us your Photo or testimonial. Let us know how Body Helix performs along with you. We are here to help you successfully "Move Through It." 

Learn. Share. Inspire.

Be well, my friends.
Coach Fred


Fred Robinson National Tennis Champion


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