Compression for Ankle Injuries

Compression for Ankle Injuries

Jul 14, 2015Tom Parker

Compression for Ankle Injuries

With minor acute ankle injuries the usual first step in management is the use of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation). The Ankle Helix provides the most comfortable compression and support for the ankle. Using the latest in fabric science, Body Helix has developed the best ankle compression and support braces available.

Sports Medice experts recommend the BodyHelix Compression Support ProductsDr. Bert Fields, past President of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, provided his many years of medical experience to Body Helix during the development of the X-Fit Ankle Helix. Dr. Fields notes there is substantial medical evidence documenting benefits from the use of support products for the prevention and treatment of ankle injuries. Individuals with past ankle sprains are at higher risk for a second sprain within 3 to 6 months.

Athletes wearing support products have fewer injuries than unsupported athletes. Athletes with or without a prior ankle injury experienced equal benefit in injury reduction. Dr. Fields points to the medical literature that attributes the benefit, not to ankle support but rather, to improved proprioception.

Ankle Tendonitis and Sprains - Treatment of Peroneal Tendonitis and Plantar FasciitisProprioception is the medical term used to describe our position sense, knowing where we are in space or precisely where a key body part, such as the wrist or ankle, is during an athletic movement. So a compression device that improves proprioception reduces the athlete’s risk of injury or reinjury.

Both the Full Ankle Helix and the X-Fit Ankle Helix provide the most comfortable uniform compression available and our orthopedic and sports medicine users confirm this.

Ankle Helix for Injury Prevention

Ankle InjuriesThe medical literature concludes that compression is desirable in the management of the edema, or swelling that occurs with an ankle injury. When the ankle’s soft tissue is injured, swelling occurs as fluid leaks from the damaged tissue. Ice and elevation also help to keep the swelling down but only for limited periods.

The Ankle Helix is remarkably comfortable and takes full advantage of the advances in product science. Prolonged wear of the Helix is well tolerated, comfortable and provides compression and support for the damaged tissue. Pressure is maintained, through uniform compression, at the desired range for physiological benefit. This is achieved with no compromise on comfort.

The Ankle Helix will stretch more than the joint. Consequently, there is no binding, constriction or painful irritation of the skin with wearing the Helix as there are with older technologies. The Ankle Helix provides improved proprioception and support or compression of the ankle tissues including ligaments, Achilles tendon and proximal plantar fascia. These features are supported by scientific evidence to reduce ankle injury and reinjury, reduce swelling and provide support for ankle injury management.

We are excited to offer a truly comfortable product, through extensive research and development, that meets the compression targets as outlined in the medical community.


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