Body Helix for Tennis Players

Mar 01, 2016Tom Parker

Body Helix for Tennis Players

You know the drill, though, even if you are injured - you push on and you keep playing. You play through your elbow or knee pain to finish your match and make it to the next round. You likely follow the traditional RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) that has been recommended by physicians for years for injury management.

Sure, you might take a few days off to rest when your hamstring is acting up again, but you’re constantly thinking in the back of your mind – when can I get back out on that court? Remember the “Compression” part of the RICE method mentioned above? There is truth in that component of treating injuries and Body Helix products might just be the answer you are looking for to get you back on the court stronger and sooner than ever before.


Not all compression products are made equal, though. Many will only stretch up to 50%, which often restricts joint movement when playing, sometimes causing you to change your game to accommodate. Body Helix gear (created by tennis players, by the way, so they literally feel your pain) is made of the highest quality compression material available and will stretch up to 330%. This uniform compression can outstretch the human body.

Compression Sleeve

What this means for you is simple: you won’t change the way you play on the court to adjust for the limitations of the compression sleeve. Frankly, there are no limitations when you wear a Helix - it allows you to bend and move on the court, playing your game - all the while staying in place and providing support and compression where you need it. Not to mention the added benefits of enhanced performance/endurance along with increased blood flow and the faster removal of lactic acid. All of these things make for a better player on the court.


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Tom Parker, MD CEO Body Helix

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