Body Helix X-4 Pickleball Paddle


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USA Pickleball Approved

Includes Cover and Accessory Kit ($40 value!)



  • Size:                            16.25 x 7.50
  • Weight:                         8.1oz
  • Grip Circumference:    4.25
  • Grip length:                  5.25
  • Swing Weight               112
  • Twist Weight                6.8

Core thickness:  14mm

  • Size:                             16.25 x 7.50
  • Weight:                          8.1oz
  • Grip Circumference:     4.25
  • Grip length:                    5.25
  • Swing Weight                 112
  • Twist Weight                   6.8



    • T700 Raw Toray Carbon
    • Solid State Handle
    • Large Cell Honeycomb
    • Foam Injected


    Product Description

    Introducing the Body Helix X4 paddle, designed for power and grit enthusiasts! Join Team Body Helix and elevate your game with our meticulously engineered paddle. The X4 boasts an 11-layer composite, including six layers of Toray Carbon, providing power and precision.

    Crafted with innovation, the X4 is not just a tool; it amplifies your playing style, delivering a crisp feeling and impressive pop. The Toray Carbon surface ensures maximum spin for unpredictable shots. The larger sweet spot balances forgiveness and control, enhancing overall performance.

    At the core is a Premium Honeycomb Polymer Core, complemented by a carbon-forged elongated handle for strength and reduced vibration. The balanced weight and ergonomics ensure comfort and control. Body Helix Paddles exemplify engineering excellence in the pickleball world, offering a customized experience for skill, power, control, and consistent performance. Experience disruption on the court and unleash your best game with Body Helix.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    J.K. (Charlotte, US)
    Love it! 14mm vs 16mm

    I switched from the 16mm to the 14mm seamlessly! I get the extra power from the 14mm with the same amount of control from the 16mm. From the serves & returns to the dinks and resets, the X-4 allows for swift movements anywhere on the court! I recently started training singles and the paddle is great to create the spin and power for passing shots and overhead put always. I can’t say enough good things about this paddle! AND you can’t forget about the highest quality paddle cover and wonderful staff!!

    Eryn Ratcliffe (Charlotte, US)
    Body Helix X4 Review

    I received two X4 prototypes because I was considering switching from my X1 and as a tennis player, the longer handle really appealed to me! I really liked the X4 and thought it had a similar touch as the X1, which I’ve gotten really used to! It felt nice to have a really sturdy two-handed backhand too! I was actually playing with my upcoming tournament partner the other day and he borrowed my X4 to try it out and at the end of the night, said he was going to buy an X4 when we got home! He liked it much better than his Gearbox (a $280 paddle)!

    Alex Holdgate (Charlotte, US)
    Checks all the boxes!

    The x4 has a lighter swing weight, an ability for soft play, a great spin off the face, and the put away power you need. Every body helix paddle has been a winner! Keep up the good work

    Brock Starlton (Charlotte, US)
    X-4 14mm Speed, Spin, and Power

    Fantastic paddle. Body Helix has done a great job engineering a paddle with great speed, power, and spin. The speed is my favorite part, because the shape lets it move through the air quickly without compromising stability. You’ll also notice how good the grit is by how much ball material comes off after each game. I would highly recommend! Paddle cover is very luxurious too

    Brett Clayton (Charlotte, US)
    X-4 14 MM Power

    Been trying out every Body Helix paddle until this one just fit like a glove. Great power and Spin. Being a body helix, you know it will last longer than any other paddle at a great price. Can't recommend it enough.