Pickleball Paddle Accessory Kit


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Product Description

The Perfect addition to your pickleball paddle.  Customize your paddle with up to 6 lead weights, so your paddle feels like "home".  Add an overgrip that you can easily change out as it gets dirty. And use your paddle refresher to erase the ball debris that accumulates as you get incredible spin from your Carbon Fiber paddle face.

Kit includes:

  • 4 lead weights - NEW UPGRADED WEIGHTS!
  • 1 overgrip
  • 1 paddle eraser

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Caleb Wilson (Atlanta, US)
Worth every cent!

This accessory kit is all you need to be fair. For $22 you get all this stuff that lasts you for months. The eraser allows me to erase any wear and tear on my paddle face and creates a new surface for my next day of game play. The lead tape has helped my control and spin I can generate on the ball and has given me insane power with just a couple strips! Definitely worth buying and I will purchase it again!