Thigh Helix

The Thigh Helix compression sleeve supports injured hamstrings and quadriceps, helps to reduce fatigue by limiting muscle oscillation, and aids in injury prevention.

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Incredible Stretch & Elasticity

Uniform Compression - No Straps

Medical Grade Compression

Wont Slide Around During Use

Machine Wash & Dry

Product Description

The Body Helix thigh compression sleeve provides comfortable and uniform compression of your upper leg and is a must-have for any competitive athlete.

This thigh brace is ideal for management of injuries to your hamstring, quadriceps, or groin, enabling you to play through minor pulls/strains/tears/spasms and whatever else you may call the pain you want to manage while you Move Through It.

It is also an excellent choice for prevention of injuries and re-injuries, warming your muscles to increase blood flow and limiting muscle oscillation to delay the onset of muscle fatigue, ensuring you can play at your best and leave it all out there.

When it’s all over, the Body Helix thigh compression sleeve is the perfect choice for post-exercise recovery, keeping your muscles warm while your body works to flush out waste products from muscle exertion, ensuring that you will have the best shot at performing at your highest level the following day.

What is the difference in styles?

The Thigh Helix is 6.5” long, 2” shorter than the Full Thigh Helix, and is the preferred thigh compression sleeve for athletes 5’9” or less. It is also sometimes the Helix of choice during the summer months in hotter climes.

The Full Thigh Helix is preferred by taller athletes or for those who wish to have a larger portion of their hamstrings and quads protected.

The Adjustable Groin Helix specifically supports the groin muscles, the tendons of the hip flexors, the external rotators of the hips, and the gluteus maximus.

Proper fit is important

Please measure your thigh at its largest circumference.

Which size should I order if I am in between sizes?

In general, leaner athletes prefer the smaller size. All others prefer the larger size.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Kevn West

Thigh Helix

larry panter

Thigh Helix

John Robison
Great compression device

very tight, versatile and comfortable. It does get hot but doubt there is anyway around this, lack of breathability is probably what enables the continuous compression. This was suggested by my D.O. for a chronic inner thigh aggravation and was great advice.

Zach C
the best compression sleeve I've used

I was hobbled by a partial tear of my hip adductor. my mobility was very limited and I experienced significant pain when making any sudden movements. Then, I started to wear the thigh helix—instant and significant improvement. I could move freely during my training and experienced much less pain during and post-workouts. Highly recommend helix compression sleeves.

Sammie Courington
Body Helix Thigh sleeve

I have yet to receive the Body Helix that I ordered some time ago. But the purchase has already showed up on my credit card statement.

Hello, Sammie
I am sorry for the frustration! I just checked your tracking history, and your Body Helix has been more places in the last few weeks than I have been in the entire year! The USPS chose a very circuitous route for your package, but it claims that it is out for delivery today. If you would like to contact me, I can give you your tracking number.
Sorry, again, for the frustration. And, thanks for your business!

Customer Service Specialist
Team Body Helix