Body Helix X-3 LITE Pickleball Paddle


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Recommended for 3.5 - 4.5 Players

This paddle is for the beginner to intermediate player.  Its weight and construction make it an ideal paddle for intermediate players and those aspiring to be.  

For the X-3 Pro please click here.  

Read more about the Kevlar/Carbon Fiber paddle face.

Read about the differences between Small and Large Cell Honeycomb.

Includes Paddle Cover and Accessory Kit ($40 value)!


  • Weight: 8.0 oz, designed to optimize power.
  • Handle Length: 6”, tailored to enable a true two-handed backhand.
  • Grip Size: 4.25” to accommodate various hand sizes.
  • Total Length: 16.5”, providing an extended reach for those crucial shots.
  • Width: 7.5”, offering an ideal balance between coverage and agility.
  • Comes with Paddle Cover and Accessory Kit (lead weights, overgrip, and paddle refresher)

Product Highlights:

  • Kevlar/Carbon blend Paddle Face: Click here to read more about the Kevlar/Carbon Fiber blend.  We have used a woven blend of Kevlar and raw Toray Carbon to make a paddle face with softer touch and more durability.
  • Large Cell PP Honeycomb Core: Provides excellent maneuverability and control in a lightweight paddle
  • Solid State 6" Handle: The solid state handle offers a comfortable, tactile grip. The 6" length allows for a true 2-handed backhand
  • Thermoformed Unibody Design: Our revolutionary unibody construction method results in a seamless, single-piece paddle, eliminating weak points and enhancing overall structural integrity. The thermoformed design provides exceptional consistency, ensuring every shot feels as solid as the last.
  • 360 degree Foam-Injection: The X-3 LITE features foam injection for the entire outside edge of the paddle and handle.  We not only inject the edgeguard, we also inject the handle which dampens the vibrations traveling up your arm. 

This paddle is identical to the X-2 LITE except the paddle face, which on the X-3 is a blend of Kevlar and Raw Toray Carbon Fiber instead of only Raw Toray Carbon Fiber.  The Kevlar is added for durability for those players who hit hard and play often. It also softens the paddle just a little, providing vibration dampening. Read more about the new Kevlar/Carbon Fiber blend.

Whether you're a competitive player or someone who enjoys a friendly game of pickleball, the X-3 LITE provides a versatile and responsive paddle that can adapt to your playing style. It's time to elevate your game, and the Body Helix X-3 LITE Pickleball Paddle is here to help you achieve just that. Upgrade your equipment, fine-tune your paddle, and experience the difference today!

Customer Reviews

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Rick Varley (Hot Springs Village, US)
X-3 Lite impresses player

As an affiliate I chose to loan my newest Helix Family addition to a personal friend. The following was here exact comments about the X-3 Lite: "The helix X3 lite was a good fit for me. It felt like an extension of my arm and very balanced. It was light to play with but the action on the paddle added power that I wasn't expecting which was great - once I got used to it. The surface of the paddle allowed me to put some top spin on my serves pretty effectively. The handle was a little longer although I'm not sure I was able to utilize it effectively but the handle was also VERY comfortable in my hand. " Mehl, from HSV Arkansas