X4 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle


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Pickleball Paddle Includes Cover and Accessory Kit ($50 value!)

Specifications of the X4 Pickleball Paddle:

X4 14mm Pickleball Paddle

  • Size:                            16.25 x 7.50
  • Weight:                         8.1oz
  • Grip Circumference:    4.25
  • Grip length:                  5.25
  • Swing Weight               110
  • Twist Weight                6.3

X4 16mm Pickleball Paddle

  • Size:                             16.25 x 7.50
  • Weight:                          8.1oz
  • Grip Circumference:     4.25
  • Grip length:                    5.25
  • Swing Weight                 114
  • Twist Weight                   6.8


    Technology of the X4 Pickleball Paddle:

    • 11 Layer Construction
    • 6 Layers of T700 Raw Toray Carbon
    • Carbon Forged Solid State Handle
    • Premium Honeycomb Polymer Core
    • Foam Injected 360
    • Combination hot and cold pressed


    Highlights of the X4 Pickleball Paddle:

    • Gritty face for incredibly high spin rate
    • Large sweet spot for forgiveness and control
    • Carbon forged solid handle for reduced vibration
    • Plushious Paddle Cover included: soft interior and plushious pleather exterior for a cover and protects, lasts, and looks oh so nice
    • Accessory Kit included: silicone lead-free weights, overgrip, and paddle refresher

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Ice Walker (Azusa, US)
    A very underrated good paddle

    The 1st impression of the paddle is the quality. The cover is the best I've seen, faux leather with fleece lining. The paddle is a little heavy but in good way, very solid feel, you can see the quality from every detail from the surface, edge guard to handle. After 2 months of playing, it doesn't lose much of the spin, the paint of the logo doesn't even chip any little. The graphic design is minimal but very pleasing to eyes.
    Kevlar surface is the trend now, I own a Kevlar blend paddle, I believe pure carbon fiber has its own benefit, which is crispy and responsive feel. A lot of people are after power, but to most of us, a balanced paddle leaning to control and being forgiving is all we need, X4 is such a paddle, it doesn't excel in any category but still in top tier of power, control, spin and sweet spot except I wish the pop could be a little more but it's double-edged sword, too much pop hurts control. A good feature of this paddle, often neglected, is that it's very stable with least vibration, maybe due to 11-layer face construction.
    I believe hybrid shape strikes a balance between speed, maneuverability and sweet spot. The 5.25" handle is enough for 2-hand for most of us which leaves a bigger playing surface than long handles. The grip circumference could be 4-1/8" instead of 4-1/2", you always could put on more overgrip or Hesacore for large hands.
    So X4 is a very understated paddle, should be heard more.


    Love my x4

    E.G. (Charlotte, US)
    Really excellent paddle, replacing my X2

    Great paddle, I went with the 16mm as I find it has a bit more stability than the 14mm. Really excellent spin with the new grit. Added some weights on the sides and it resets like a dream, similar to the X2. Highly recommend!

    J.K. (Charlotte, US)
    Love it! 14mm vs 16mm

    I switched from the 16mm to the 14mm seamlessly! I get the extra power from the 14mm with the same amount of control from the 16mm. From the serves & returns to the dinks and resets, the X-4 allows for swift movements anywhere on the court! I recently started training singles and the paddle is great to create the spin and power for passing shots and overhead put always. I can’t say enough good things about this paddle! AND you can’t forget about the highest quality paddle cover and wonderful staff!!

    Eryn Ratcliffe (Charlotte, US)
    Body Helix X4 Review

    I received two X4 prototypes because I was considering switching from my X1 and as a tennis player, the longer handle really appealed to me! I really liked the X4 and thought it had a similar touch as the X1, which I’ve gotten really used to! It felt nice to have a really sturdy two-handed backhand too! I was actually playing with my upcoming tournament partner the other day and he borrowed my X4 to try it out and at the end of the night, said he was going to buy an X4 when we got home! He liked it much better than his Gearbox (a $280 paddle)!