Secrets to actually improving your mental endurance and your game

Secrets to actually improving your mental endurance and your game

Sep 24, 2019Fred

Secrets to actually improving your mental endurance and your game.

Question:   I’m better than they are so why did I lose?

Answer:  You are not better than they are and your ego is killing your potential.


Guess what… If someone just handed you your lunch in a match, than they were better than you were -  at that moment in time.  Perhaps if you played them ten times you would win nine of those, but there is still that one time remaining.  Perhaps if you played them ten times, you would lose all ten of them and you live in a state of denial. 

Here is one secret that haunts players of all levels, including ATP and WTA players: It's the unwillingness to change.  If this were not true, most players would be quickly moving up the ladder in development.  However, we know this is not so.  

Just look at the pros.  How many of them have fairly obvious weaknesses in their games?  We see and hear it all the time.  Why don’t they fix their crappy backhand, volley, or their fitness level?  They have elements of greatness mixed in with average to poor technique.  This is crazy, right? 

Think about it.  The very irony of this one statement:  I want to improve, but I don’t want to change anything.  This, my friend, is a classic example of common sense and common sense is lethal to anyone that is evolving with a growth mindset and desires excellence.

Learn this mantra:  There is a direct correlation to the level of dedication and the amount I advance.


You must out-work and out-think your opponents.  But how? 


Step One: 

Attack your weaknesses with a vengeance greater than any opponent you will ever play.

Step Two:
Learn the destructive power of words like talent, effortless, quick and easy, and especially, FREE!

Step Three:

Learn the difference between a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset.  Cultivate the  Growth Mindset. 

In my upcoming blogs, you can learn about these three steps in more detail.  Then, you can develop a map to make solid, consistent improvements.


Stay tuned...
- Fred Robinson



Fred Robinson Tennis Champion hitting a tennis ball while wearing a Body Helix Calf Helix.

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