Bio-Cultivating, Energy Systems

Feb 04, 2021Fred

Bio-Cultivating, energy systems

"What gets measured gets managed."Bio-Cultivating, energy systems

What you can learn from this week's blog:

  • Personal FRED FLOPS! Who does this stuff?

  • Benefits from Resistance and Endurance training.

  • The differences between Anabolic and Catabolic states.

*Note This blog will be continued into next week with some fun and functional workouts for you to try!

Fred's Personal Flops:

Athletes, many of whom are much younger than me, ask all the time, "How at 67 years young can Fred have so much endurance on the tennis court?" Most seem to assume I was born with some fabulous genetic trait. Well, I'm here to tell you that I surely didn't come from a long line of athletes. And we know only about 20% is genetic anyway.

I thought I was a quick study in my youthful pursuit of optimal fitness. I am embarrassed to admit playing tennis in the Florida heat and dropping to the ground in total, excruciating body cramps -- several times. I admit to puking all over myself while distance running. Playing a ridiculously long match to heat exhaustion – to the point that I didn't know who I was or how to keep score – sticks in my mind.

Well, actually, I barely remember that one. Those details were relayed to me after the match. Trust me. My dogged determination meant that if there were a wall to hit or a mountain to scale, I knew how to run into it headfirst, do a face plant before reaching it or crash land at the bottom. I became a master at tearing my body apart muscle by muscle, cell by cell.

At a young age, I had figured out 50% of the secret. It was pure brilliance: If I outworked everyone, I would win -- that was the secret. What a dumbass! But, I was young and ever so eager. I have since learned a little more than 50% of the secret. Fortunately, I figured out that learning with my mind was a lot less painful than learning with my body. Our minds can get us farther and faster along the right path! Epiphany comes when we admit how little we know. That can be frightening and, most assuredly, humbling.

Whatever our sport, it's important to know that our training program could lead us to optimal performance or dismal disaster. Whether our needs are strength or endurance or a combination of both, our initial motivation needs to be cultivated. Think about the 'why.' Never start any routine because we hate our bodies, weight, physical appearance, or fitness level.

While this motivation can be a catalyst for action, it will never motivate us to endure the necessary challenges for making lasting lifestyle changes. Change comes from a love of ourselves. Loving ourselves doesn't mean being selfish. On the contrary: Self-love is not an emotion but constant work. It's tough, and it requires a vast amount of honesty, but it's totally worth it. If the impetus of developing healthy routines is the desire to take great care of our bodies and minds, we will prioritize our actions. Sustainability becomes easier.

Many high-level accomplished professionals in their respective fields are actually still in the infancy phase when it comes to their ability to take care of their own health, fitness, and nutrition. Many suffer from imposter syndrome. My advice is to be who you are. Set your own path. Beware of quick fixes and super products promising results "too good to be true," because they will be exactly that: untrue.

The raw truth is sleep, better nutrition, healthy choices and habits, and stress management are foundational to improving our Healthspan. The instant search. Glamorous, "give me a pill or magic supplement," "I want to be a Rock Star today" dreams will lead to disappointment.

Bio-Cultivating, energy systems.

"We cannot get into a fight with our body. We will lose every time."

Now let's review some mechanisms of action:Bio-Cultivating, energy systems

There are different methods of calorie-burning: manually or automatically. Highly effective resistance training causes our bodies to burn calories automatically – even after we've completed our workout. Endurance or cardio training burns calories manually – while we are working out.

• Resistance Training sends a signal to the body that we need more strength to produce bigger, stronger, leaner muscles, requiring more calories. This primary adaptive state has a stronger, faster metabolism. Resistant training tells our body to burn more calories on its own automatically. Auto-burn is the adaption taking place here.

Resistant training is the most optimal method – not cardio -- for burning body fat. Resistance training has a definite impact on your cardio because strong, healthy muscles are good at extracting oxygen from the blood. Remember, exercise helps you dispose of glucose more efficiently. For weight loss and burning fat, focus more on resistance training to improve those muscles.

• Endurance Training or Cardio does need muscle. We need enough energy to keep us going through the workout. The primary signal here is to become very efficient at burning the smallest amount of calories to go for long periods of time. Our metabolism slows down and shifts to high-efficiency use -- manual-burn.

An hour of cardio does burn more calories than an hour of resistance training. Big HOWEVER here! Cardio training causes our bodies to send signals to become more efficient, called "adaptation." Our bodies are amazing at adapting. Just look around.

You can see what some people put their body's through and survive. In cardio training, we run more and more, faster and faster. As a result, our bodies burn calories more efficiently. Sounds good, right? In reality, this is not the optimal method to reduce body fat, contrary to popular belief. It's quite the opposite.

Now, as for the strategy of losing weight, we need to ask ourselves which is more important. Do we want to lose weight or become healthier?

• Catabolic State is the metabolic condition in which our bodies break down or lose overall mass, both fat and muscle. Catabolic workouts may help us shed pounds by working off both fat and muscle. Losing weight in this way may mean the loss of critical muscle mass.

• Anabolic State is the condition in which our bodies are building and maintaining muscle mass. Muscle is denser than fat, so our body weight and body mass index may stay higher despite a leaner physique. At the age of around 40, it becomes harder to maintain muscle mass unless we take deliberate steps. Up to 40, we can exercise our way through a terrible diet and maintain fitness.

After 40, we can forget about this lackluster approach. That is not to say we shouldn't be eating healthy before we reach 40. It just means we will physically feel it ever-present after 40 as a constant reminder.

We can manipulate our body weight by understanding these processes and our overall metabolism. Both the anabolic and catabolic processes lead to fat loss over time. Pulsing between catabolic and anabolic states utilizes hormesis, and this is an essential key.

Bio-Cultivating, energy systems.

The Common Myth about VO2 max

VO2 max, or maximal oxygen uptake, is the maximum amount of oxygen we can utilize during intense exercise. It is a measurement used to establish an athlete's aerobic endurance before or during training. It is simply one method of determining our cardiovascular fitness and performance capacity.

Most people think VO2 max is a heart and lung factor, and it's actually not. When we exercise at our maximum capacity, we breathe out around 80% of the oxygen we take in, so it's not a gas exchange issue. It's about muscle efficiency.

The bottleneck is not how much oxygen we can get into our lungs. It's how much our muscles can utilize. The muscles of extreme endurance athletes with high VO2 max are amazingly efficient at aerobic metabolism, and they can extract high amounts of oxygen out of the blood.

In theory, any exercise that pushes your limits can increase your VO2 max. Think of it like this: If you never increase your resistance training, your muscle will never get stronger. The same goes for VO2 max. If you run at the same easy pace for the same amount of time every day, you won't get faster or better at running.

If we learn the optimal "dose" of exercise for our own needs, we will optimize our Healthspan over the long haul. Most people do not understand how to throttle their own bodies properly. We either get too little or too much, which constantly breaks down our bodies. Exercise can enhance the quality of life, both cognitive and physical.

Thank you for taking it upon yourself to learn more, act more, and share more with others. I founded Body Helix to bring you better compression options to help you keep moving in your sport of choice. Our team works to bring you products and information to improve your lifestyle and Healthspan. By offering you high-quality compression, we hopefully allow you to keep training through your aches and pains.

It is my greatest hope that you will implement some tips from our Bio-Cultivating blog. And further, I'm hoping you will be inspired to pass these nuggets along to your family and friends. We all have people in our lives who have the desire but lack the accurate information to improve their health. It is frustrating to sift through the bombardment of data and the misinformation in today's world.

It's no wonder some give up in frustration. I believe that we deserve the healthiest choices that honest modern science can offer. It is my sincere mission to help as many people as I can get and stay healthy.

Learn. Act. Share.

Move Through It!
Coach Fred

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Remember next week; this blog will be continued with some fun and functional workouts for you to try!

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