X2 Pro Pickleball Paddle

  • Made for 5.0s and Higher
  • Incredible Spin Rate
  • Triple Core with Aramid

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Recommended for 5.0+ Players

X2 Pro Includes Paddle Cover & Accessory Kit ($50 value)!

Our newest pickleball paddle, featuring a small cell PP core with Aramid Fibers, for increased power, precision, and control.  This pickleball paddle is NOT for the beginner to intermediate player.  Its weight and construction make it an ideal paddle for Advanced Players.


  • Weight: 8.8 oz
  • Handle Length: 6”
  • Grip Size: 4.25” 
  • Total Length: 16.5”
  • Width: 7.5”

Product Highlights:

  • Small Cell Polypropylene Honeycomb Core combined with Aramid fibers, offers an exceptional balance of power and finesse.
  • Aramid Center  improves strength and power of the pickleball paddle.
  • Solid State 6" Handle for a true 2-handed backhand
  • Raw Toray Carbon Face offers extraordinary strength and responsiveness. 
  • Thermoformed Unibody Design results in a seamless, single-piece paddle, eliminating weak points and enhancing overall structural integrity. 
  • 360 Foam-Injected Edgeguard not only shields your paddle from damage but also enhances your control on the court.
  • Plushious Paddle Cover included: soft interior and plushious pleather exterior for a cover and protects, lasts, and looks oh so nice
  • Accessory Kit included: silicone lead-free weights, overgrip, and paddle refresher

Product Description

Introducing the Body Helix X2 Pro Pickleball Paddle: Where Innovation Meets Performance!  Our advanced technology Triple Core combines 2 layers of Small Cell PP Core with Aramid fibers for a paddle that can be used by advanced players to bring their game to a new level.  Weighted at 8.8oz, this paddle will perform straight out of the box without the need to add additional weights.

Unleash your true pickleball potential with the pinnacle of paddle technology - the Body Helix X2 Pro pickleball paddle. Crafted for the discerning player, this cutting-edge paddle is designed to provide an unparalleled fusion of power, control, and precision. Whether you're an advanced player or a seasoned pro with a DUPR rating of 5.0 and above, the X-2 Pro is your ultimate tool for dominating the court.

With the Body Helix X2 Pro Pickleball Paddle in your hands, you'll find yourself achieving your best performance yet. Whether you're unleashing a devastating drive, executing precision dinks and volleys, or resetting at the net, the X-2 Pro empowers your game like never before.

Don't settle for mediocrity when you can wield the pinnacle of paddle technology. Elevate your pickleball experience and reach new heights in your gameplay with the Body Helix X-2 Pro. Upgrade your arsenal and experience the difference today!


Read more about Aramid and Small Cell PP (honeycomb) Cores here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fritz Jean-Baptiste (Charlotte, US)
X2 pro

My wife purchased this paddle for me for Christmas. I absolutely love this paddle. It's perfect for me.

Steve Greene (Hampstead, US)
Get Ready - The X-2 Pro Will Take Your Game to a New Level!

The X-2 Pro has to be the most balanced premium paddle on the market. It packs the strongest punch and spin of any paddle i've ever used. The crazy part is that it also provides the player with an unrivaled balance of control and consistency. Love the 18mm thickness and the genius design will allow you to easily adapt your game to any pace any skill level for both singles and doubles.

I switched from another premium "thermoformed' paddle and was surprised by how easy the transition has been in the first couple of games. Hate to say it - this paddle really does all the work but with half the effort! The consistency is like no other, which really helps with the delivering the perfect FEEL..

Highly recommend if you are looking to take your game to the next level!

Evan Gan
This is a WEAPON (in the right players hands)

This paddle is incredible if you know how to use it. It is great for former tennis players due to the handle length and head heaviness, however it does require pretty high skill level so may not be suited for newer players. I think the theme of the X2 Pro should really be “less is more” as balls will FLY off the paddle if you don’t learn to control it.

It has ridiculous spin & power, outstanding build quality, and clearly proprietary tech that really stands out in a highly saturated market. It is very heavy, but it’s not heavy just for the sake of being heavy. The fact that the extra weight is actually built into the core (vs lead tape on outside) is actually noticeable, as it provides a much more substantive contact with the ball and adds to the feel of “solidness” when you hit. Soft game does require some getting used to, but drops and dinks only took a few minutes during warmup to get comfortable with, and the extra power actually makes drops easier once you learn to do less. Mid court resets are EXCELLENT as you just need to get the paddle in the right spot and the paddle will do all the work for you. Ball falls right into the kitchen with very little effort.

Overall, this is a really, really well built paddle that might take some getting used to, but is an absolute WEAPON in the right players hands.

N.F. (Charlotte, US)
Premium Paddle

The X-2 Pro utilizes state-of-the-art technology truly creating a premium paddle. To me, this paddle fully encompasses what a paddle should feel like. Solid, rugged, & dependable. After trying it once I haven't looked back.

w.j. (Charlotte, US)
A paddle amongst toys

The X-2 Pro is a different tier compared to other paddles. The reset is automatic. The feel is unreal. Best paddle on the market… and its core has a layer of Kevlar so if things go down at the courts, you’re bullet proof.