Fred's Fundamentals: Food and What It's Really Doing to Your Body

Jun 19, 2019Fred Robinson

Fred's Fundamentals: Food and What It's Really Doing to Your Body

Is our daily routine optimal for our health?  How long during the day do we feel good?  Are we consuming high-energy, efficient foods?  Our love of health allows us to be the best version of ourselves.  The thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we have initially drive everything in our bodies.  Then our nutrition, exercise routines, and other components all support this.

We can achieve around 16 hours a day of clear, high energy.  This takes a combination of several realistic efforts on our part.  If we are only using a fraction of our cognitive abilities, then we know that processed junk foods are not going to deliver this type of result!  This path leads to “brain fog” and strips us of our life-force energies.  The last thing we want is for our body to hold us back.

Here are a few quick check points that can help us maintain high levels of energy and clarity.

 Carb Athlete or Keto Athlete?

    I have read that approximately 15-20% of the population can do well on a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet.  Where does that leave everyone else?  You may want to look into a ketogenic (keto) diet, which is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet.  Consult with a certified nutritionist or functional medicine doctor and take ownership of your health!

    For some, getting off sugars and simple carbs can result in a crash landing, unless it's done with careful planning.  For some who make this shift, there is a very real uptick in energy and endurance.  I made this change about one year ago and am benefiting greatly from being FAR away from the constant onslaught of sugars.

    When you are a sugar burner, you have approximately 2000 calories in your fuel tank to burn a day.  When you are using a fuel tank that is made up of fat (e.g. a keto diet), you have access to 40,000 calories.  Therefore, as an athlete on the keto diet, the thought of when you are hungry or when you have to eat is very different.

    Intermittent Fasting:

      Intermittent fasting can create energy and mental clarity.  If you can get to where it becomes an 18-hour fast, then the benefits are exponentially better.  This is pretty simple and I personally recommend it at least once a week.  For starters, there are many studies showing intermittent fasting can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. 

      Dr. Yoshinoiri Ohsumi, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, has done some remarkable studies in this field.  For quick learning, though, I recommend you check out Naomi Whittel’s video or books on Autophagy.

      High Energy Brain Foods:

          What is it at a cellular level that will give you your energy back?  It’s a process that each of us has inside every one of our cells.  It’s a brilliance inside you that can either be activated or de-activated.  Certain foods are very nutrient-dense. 

          Polyphenols are supercharged anti-oxidants.  They can help your body repair and fight off the daily environmental damages we encounter.  It's important to eat these ingredients to slow the aging process. 

          It’s how you can activate the youth inside your cells. A few power polyphenols include resveratrol, citrus bergamot fruit, green tea, matcha, and cacao.  Broccoli sprouts are loaded with sulforaphane, which is shown to have a high level of health benefits. Higher levels of these mean more enzyme vitality and capability to strengthen and detox the body's immune system.

          Max Lugavere has a great book on “Genius Foods” that’s worth looking at if you are interested in learning more in this area.  Step up and take ownership of your health.  There are so many people that have devoted their lives to studying these fields.  We only need to seek out the books/audiobooks that they offer.

          At the end of the day, you need to customize your diet for YOU and not what is popular at the moment.  Consult with proper testing through professionals.

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