Which is the Right Face Mask for You?

Which is the Right Face Mask for You?

May 08, 2020Body Helix

Face Masks: Unveiling the Right One for You

The Value Behind Today's Masks

With the advent of modern medicine, we understand how germs can give rise to pandemics like the COVID-19 crisis. It also helps dictate the response, specifically which masks are right for which users. 

Below, we breakdown the value of the three most commonly used masks as well as our own groundbreaking Face Mask Helix, a new alternative to help communities move safely through this time of uncertainty. 

*Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 

** Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist


For the general public, the Face Mask Helix is the superior protective option.  Cloth masks are most commonly used but they lack testing, filtration technology, a seal, and they must be washed after each use. 

For these reasons, we recommend the Face Mask Helix as it features reusable filters and our closed-cell technology prevents fluid and germs from permeating the fabric.  It’s also proudly made in the USA, petroleum and latex-free, and it’s a one size fits most with two head straps for comfort and adjustability.

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