Stand up.  Be heard.

Stand up. Be heard.

Dec 01, 2021Fred

Stand up. Be heard.

I’m weaving these thought threads together in today’s blog:

North Star of Health

Out of many, one

Play or Ploy

Save us from ourselves  


This blog is seemingly filled with several discrete thoughts. You may recall that I describe my thinking as analogical.  Allow me to weave this tapestry to its conclusion, and you may view the world around you a bit differently.  Big proclamation, right?  Trudge on, fearless reader.  This blog is not meant for the faint-hearted or weak-minded. Stand up. Be Heard


Stand up. Be heard. North Star of Health.

North Star of Health

In last week’s blog, I introduced the concept of salutogenesis.  The salutogenic approach to human health is a pro-active awareness of the factors contributing to the promotion and maintenance of good physical and mental well-being (versus the reactive treatment of disease and symptoms). 

While this is not a novel concept, it is worth re-introducing and integrating into our neural-cultivated thoughts (and actions). I start with this concept because I liken it to our ‘north star’, our guiding principle toward health.  By doing your utmost to sustain good health, you will better serve your family, your community and humankind on our planet, that tiny “pale blue dot living in a thin beam of light” (Carl Sagan).

Each week I dig through mountains of knowledge, searching for salutogenic news.   My goal is to provide and reiterate evidence that gets you on a healthier track and allows you to maximize efforts with your loved ones.  Sometimes my tips may not be welcomed or popular.  And that’s okay.  It’s my personal duty to put forth honest, pro-active, health-driven messaging.  I am compelled to establish bodyhelix as a  trusted source of salutary information.  

I am going to take literary liberty to stretch the meaning of salutogenesis into a more elastic definition (pun intended).  Bodyhelix didn’t set out to change the world.  We set out to make a decidedly large dent in the antiquated elastic bandage industry and improve injury management by creating the world’s finest compression gear for athletes.  Bodyhelix practices salutogenesis.  We are but a microscopic speck on the pale blue dot.  Yet, when magnified, it is evident bodyhelix is improving the HealthSpan of our world. 

With our release of Hydro Helix, a salutogenic performance drink that points toward our ‘north star’ of good health, we count our company as one of a mere few that can and will imperceptibly change the world’s health trajectory. Hydro Helix is an all-natural, hydrating drink choice brimming with electrolytes and plant-based carbs for sustained energy.  Watch for its release – it’s in the stars.

I contemplated entitling this blog “How to stop getting suckered”.  I have repeatedly ranted about the ill-advised marketing ploys of big food, big drink, big pharma, and big sports companies.  As citizens of the pale blue dot, we are all unwittingly misguided by these giants (and their lobbyists).  It’s nearly impossible to avoid their hype, let alone decipher the questionable and conflicting superlative claims.  I would submit that so-called ‘sports drink’ companies are compromising our health – adults and children. 

And, worse, these companies knowingly and deliberately do it.   It’s disturbing when I see people, especially health-conscious individuals, being suckered by huge money-driven corporations. Bodyhelix and companies like us attempt to offset some of those mendacious, profit-driven influences.

Out of many, one

Our human limits and biases direct what we perceive, feel, and do in life. Those limitations coerce our posturing and our imagined self-importance.  Those biases tug on the narcissistic thread that lies (usually dormant) in all of us.  Some people ration selfish tendencies easier than others.  Even with a self-centered nature, we want and need to be connected to others.  There are many ways to connect to others.  I want to explore two human connections: power and force. 

Years ago, I read a book called Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins.   The inspiration I gleaned from this book endures.   Dr. Hawkins offers a memorable example of ‘power’ compared to ‘force’.  He described how the British Empire with its mighty military ‘force’ could not withstand the incalculable ‘power’of one frail-looking man, Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi brought the British Empire to its knees.  Gandhi’s power was pacifism.  Hawkins maintains power is always stronger than force because it resonates and perseveres.

Many media outlets, marketing platforms, and pundits tend to ‘force’ contrived messaging rather than using the ‘power’ of truth and meaningful impressions.  Force belittles. It tears apart. It creates mistrust and deception. At the highest corporate, political, and even some religious or civic institutions, we see the philosophy of dictatorial force – sometimes through insidious manipulation or pressure and sometimes through more truculent methods.  Many in leadership positions today (notice I did not use the title ‘leader’) see their role simply as being above others rather than for others.  Lamentably, their salvo of ‘personal (or corporate) rights above social responsibility’ permeates every corner of our country. 

In no way am I suggesting that individual rights and freedoms should be diminished.  Those personal freedoms are paramount.   As a veteran, I am keenly aware of how dear and precarious they are.  

Freedom has never been free. When a person, a corporation, a political body, or even a religious institution gains its rights and freedoms through force and manipulation, those rights are suspect.

I am standing on the shoulders of the greats of humanity to shout this concept.  In fact, this next sentence is perhaps one of the most significant I have ever written.  When individuals, corporations, political bodies, or religious institutions ceaselessly see their very existence through a ‘sociably responsible’ lens, then benevolent power is realized – a power that will allow our world to endure any and all trials and tribulations. Real leaders know this and live this.  Out of many, one. You may recognize the classical Latin motto ‘E pluribus Unum’.  Human connection through service empowers others. 

Play or Ploy

I am going to lightly touch on politics here to elucidate my point further – at great risk of offending some of you.  By definition, bipartisanship happens when opposing political parties find common ground. However, in today’s climate it seems our political system is destined for further separation, an obvious problem. Trying to decipher political statements or finding meaning in the nonsense spewed by pundits is a case of guessing whether it is a play or a ploy. 

Current partisan politics exhibit blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance to one side – serving few over many.  In my opinion, blatantly partisan politicians are unfit for office.  Vehement opposition cannot be forced into willing conciliation. Personal freedoms cannot be earned through any path other than social responsibility.  

We learn the value and power of compromise through social responsibility.  We understand how to build rather than tear down.  Imagine a world where government officials fully collaborate – out of many, one. Leaders who support that which ties us together make our community (not the individual) stronger. Our votes are at their most significant when we support genuine servant leaders. 

Demand truth.  Insist on veracity. Listening and empathy will help us see that diversity is not a threat, rather a core advantage of being a citizen of the U.S. who contributes to a stronger society. What a wondrous place our pale blue dot could be if we (humans) could fully neural-cultivate the tenets of social responsibility, kindness, compassion, curiosity, and receptiveness.    

Let’s interrelate the concepts of power versus force and social responsibility in corporate America.  Again, play or ploy?  Especially for companies that produce things we ingest, frequently the social conscious and social conscience are way out of whack.  I am baffled that we’ve given control of the health of our country to big food and big pharma.  Further, industry giants and political powerhouses are bewilderingly intertwined.

The same way we can insist (vote) on a salutary governing body, we can also demand the cessation of misleading and inaccurate advertising.  And we can reject unhealthy and unsafe products.  It’s called buying power.  By supporting only companies that provide truthful advertising, deliver safe choices, and operate in a socially responsible manner, each one of us can be a proud contributor of the changes we desire.

In fact, I highly recommend we use our power as soon as possible.  Here’s why:

Sugar detriments

•  Today’s U.S. adult obesity rate stands at 42.4%,  further evidence of the country's obesity crisis. The national adult obesity rate has increased by 26% since 2008.  Link this to declining HealthSpan and escalating healthcare costs.

•  In America, Diabetes is increasing at a startling rate. According to the 2020 CDC's (Centers for Disease Control) National Diabetes Statistics Report, cases of diabetes have risen to an estimated 34.2 million.

If these numbers aren’t shocking to you, let me offer one more that will surely move you to action.

  • Childhood obesity rates have nearly tripled in the last 30 years.  Even in cases in which obese children later lose weight, the health effects of childhood obesity may be long-lasting and profound.  Four in five obese children are likely to be dangerously overweight for life resulting in loss of 10-20 years of their lifespan.

When rights and freedom are so distorted that our government allows big companies to poison our children, then it’s time we find our power and our voice.  The stats above are more alarming than the current pandemic!  In fact, the sad state of the health of our county has expanded the devastation wrought by the coronavirus. 

Another disquieting fact is that the handful of decision-makers of corporate America aren’t panicked.  In fact, they gladly accept their good fortune.  Those sports drink companies are thrilled that innocuous sugar is more addictive than cocaine.  The lure of bogus wisdom is intense.  We’ve been duped.  That said, we as consumers share part of the blame.  We gave them our power, and they forced us into our buying habits.  Just like Gandhi, we can bring them to their knees through the simple act of choice.   I bet if everyone shifted their purchases from candy water to healthy drinks tomorrow, those same companies would scramble to offer better products at light speed.  Let’s take ownership and demonstrate our power.

Save us from ourselves  

We reside here on Earth together and not solely for our individual benefit.  We are one of many residents living our lives on this pale blue dot.  We get to choose whether to construct or destruct.

The gratification of being human comes from our ability to unite.  Life is better together as we learn, create, build, achieve, and adapt.  While we prepare to wave goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022, let’s resolve to promote salutogenesis – in all its potential definitions – for the advancement of our collective well-being. 

Applying our purchase power and ballot power are great first steps toward reducing the cultural pathogeneses that bombard us daily.  These significant steps move us from myopic to multifarious beings.  Beyond our informed and responsible selections, we can become a participant (not just an observer) in the future evolution of our species!  Partake in socially responsible activities.  Contribute to cultivating a cleaner environment for the next generation. Do, because you can.  Avoiding involvement in creating a better future for humanity is an act of unconscionable irresponsibility. Act. Stand up live.

Seek out people, companies, products, and services dedicated to improving our health and devoted to unifying our culture.  Promote.  Influence.  As equally important is a continued vigilance about those people or organizations that lack the characteristics to move us forward.  Don’t allow their convincing narratives or forceful promises to delude you.  Doing so will make the price you pay painfully evident.  We cannot sit idly by. We must take ownership and become knowledgeable enough to save us from ourselves

Once we understand that there are solutions to problems that await us in places we’ve yet to discover, we will lift ourselves out of the comfortable posture that stunts human inquiry. Understanding is empowering.  Are you searching for meaning in the midst of all the irrationalities around us?  There is no need to hunt meaning. "It’s not something you find on a mountain top or behind a tree.  No.  Instead, it is up to each of us to create our own meaning" (Neil deGrasse Tyson). 

We must carve out our own space in the world that is meaningful – not just for ourselves.  Ultimately, we are our best selves when we can provide the opportunity for meaning to those of the future.  By opening ourselves up to diversity we place ourselves in the powerful position of embracing learning without judgment. It’s a place of curiosity.  How can we improve the base understanding of how this world works to those around us?  These are the seeds of value – the deep intrinsic fulfillment born from serving others. 

Stand up. Be Heard. North Star of Health.<br>


I attempted to weave together a few distinct viewpoints.  As I tie the last knot of my tapestry, let me remind you that we are America.  The dream is alive and well.  Small businesses in the health and sports industries work tirelessly to increase your well-being.  Give their products and services a try.  Appreciate their honest narratives. 

Support those who bring you true value.  Spread the word and help those enterprises grow. You may find a unique fitness center, an inspiring Yoga instructor, cutting-edge nutritional assistance,  impressive sports gear, or a quality hydration product.  These companies have been created and are run by teams of promoters of your future HealthSpan.  These teams equip you with the most precious thing you will ever own – your optimal health. 

In future blogs, I’ll dive into more of the ‘why’ behind bodyhelix.  We’ve done our homework.  We bring you accuracy and innovation steeped in progressive science. Social responsibility is a mandate of our mission.  You can depend on team bodyhelix along your journey of health and fitness, and we mean it.  Remember, it’s the coming together that blurs the lines of our differences.  It’s the convergence that obscures separation. Stand up. Be heard.

Hydro Helix, endurance fuel.<br>

Until next week my friends. Be thoughtful. Learn. Share.  Inspire those around you to make healthy choices, and you’ll instantly be part of building something meaningful. Stand up. Be heard.

Have a thoughtful day,
Coach Fred

Fred Robinson Tennis Champion, NC Tennis Hall of Fame.

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