How Compression Treatment Helps Heal and Prevent Tennis Injuries

How Compression Treatment Helps Heal and Prevent Tennis Injuries

Jan 04, 2017Tom Parker

How Compression Treatment Helps Heal and Prevent Tennis Injuries

Some of the most common injuries plaguing the professional tennis circuit also plague amateur tennis players. Compression treatment, recommended as part of the classic RICE (Rest, Ice, COMPRESSION, Elevation) method, is a proven-effective method to help you heal, reduce pain, and prevent future injuries. Are you taking advantage of compression treatment?


Some of the most common tennis injuries among the pros are thigh, hamstring and groin pulls. According to the British Medical Journal, amateur tennis players tend to mimic the pros with common injuries to the lower extremities. Plantar fascia injuries, tendon injuries, and pulled/torn muscles top the

tennis injuries

list. In addition, we (I am a retired physician) often see stress fractures and knee injuries, such as cartilage or meniscus injuries, as well.


While tennis elbow is not an injury we often see among the pros, it is one that we see in the adult amateur athlete. This is likely related to several factors including technique, conditioning, and overuse.

Are you nodding your head in agreement with the list of injuries above and knowing all too well how one (or more) affect your level of play? Body Helix has strong roots in the tennis world and medical industry (our company was founded by a professional tennis player and retired physician), and we've developed highly effective, medical-grade braces and devices to help you recover and prevent injury. Along with proper technique, compression treatment is proven to be an effective acute injury management and prevention solution.


When used for injury management, there isn’t a better compression product available. Many of you are familiar with the RICE (Rest, Ice, COMPRESSION, Elevation) method of treatment. This method has been around for decades, proving its value when it comes to treating an injury. Compression treatment of the supporting muscles and tendons eases the burden on the injured tissue. In addition, increased blood flow and reduced fatigue have been scientifically proven with use of compression products.

Whether you are a professional, amateur, or a recreational player with an injury, Body Helix’s compression products can help you get back on the court. Below are compression solutions for some of the aforementioned injuries:


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