BodyHelix 40 Pickleball


Made for speed, the Body Helix 40 seamless rotational manufactured pickleball.


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Product Description

The Body Helix 40 pickleball ball is engineered for top-level players who insist on an optimal playing experience and durability from their pickle ball. Our pickleball is made to take a beating, lasting longer than most other outdoor pickleballs. It performs with a consistent bounce and holds its shape longer for true flight play. It is designed to curve through the air quickly with any spin you choose. The bright neon color is easy to track on any court surface color and whether you are inside or out under lights. Once you try the new Body Helix 40, you'll see why pickleball players of every level are making the switch to our ball. It just plays better.

Product Highlights

-Seamless pickleball for a higher durability

-Rotational manufactured so it holds its shape longer

-Even weight distribution for a consistent bounce

-40 hole pattern that curves through the air with any spin

-Bright neon color that is easy to track on all surfaces night or day

Product Specifications

Diameter: 74mm

Weight: 26g

Holes: 40

Material: PE