Ready To Level Up?

To jump from a 3.0 to a 4.0 level, focus on mastering control and refining your strokes with a high-quality paddle.

Excellent 200 reviews on Trustpilot

Why a Better Paddle Matters

A high-quality paddle takes your game to the next level and shows you are serious about your game. Our control paddles can complement these efforts. They offer a responsive surface that enhances touch and feel while maintaining top-tier power and spin. With a balanced weight distribution, they are easy to maneuver and control, helping you reduce errors and execute your strokes flawlessly.

  • Responsive Surface
  • More Feel
  • Enhanced Touch
  • Maintains Power and Spin
  • Better Construction

Maximize enjoyment

Investing in quality equipment enhances skill development and elevates your game. Getting better is always enjoyable!

Maximize Competitiveness

Control enables you to dictate rallies and force your opponents into difficult positions, enabling you to win more key points.

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Excellent 180 reviews on Trustpilot


Awesome Paddle! When I bought this paddle I was looking for more power and more spin and I'm glad to say that I received both! Very happy with how it has improved my forehand drives!

Jordan Harmon

X3 Lite

The helix X3 lite was a good fit for me. It felt like an extension of my arm and very balanced. It was light to play with but the action on the paddle added power that I wasn't expecting which was great - once I got used to it. The surface of the paddle allowed me to put some top spin on my serves pretty effectively. The handle was a little longer although I'm not sure I was able to utilize it effectively but the handle was also VERY comfortable in my hand.

Mehl Douglas


Been trying out every Body Helix paddle until this one just fit like a glove. Great power and Spin. Being a body helix, you know it will last longer than any other paddle at a great price. Can't recommend it enough.

Brett Clayton


All body helix paddles come with a cover and an accessory kit that includes paddle weights, an eraser and an overgrip, along with a diagram of where to add the weights if you want to customize for your style of play

  • Always keep your paddle in its cover when not is use.
  • Be sure to use the eraser to remove ball debris that will accumulate.
  • Do not keep you paddle in your car if the inside temps will be very cold or very hot.
  • Do not hit anything other than a pickleball with your paddle.
  • Do not submerge your paddle in water or use a wet cloth on the face.
  • Avoid paddle tapping, even though it seems cool. This could damage the surface. If you want to do a tap, use the butt of your paddle.

We ship Monday-Friday, except postal holidays. All orders received before 2pm Monday - Friday will be ship the same day. Orders over $100 ship for FREE using Priority Mail or UPS, with delivery times of 3-5 business days.

We offer a 30 day return on the paddles, but only if the plastic has not been removed from the handle AND the paddle has not been hit with. Please contact us at if you have questions or concerns

Our paddles have a 90 day (3 months) warranty period against defects. The warranty is non-transferable, applying only to the person who purchased the paddle.

In the rare instance that you have a defective paddle, please reach out to us at to start the replacement process. We will need a descripton of the problem along with pics or videos of the paddle, includng one that shows the serial number on the paddle.

Choose a paddle that lets your opponents know you are serious about your game.

Joining a community

With body helix, you are not just buying a product, you are joining a community of people who choose quality, who know their journey is important to us, who value our culture of health, friendships, and fun.