Hydro Helix Strawberry Margarita with caffeine


Whether you’re running a marathon, climbing a mountain, competing for hours in pickleball, or on the world’s tennis stage, the Hydro Helix formulation with NO ERYTHRITOL can power you through. For the serious athlete or weekend soccer coach, Hydro Helix is your best choice for performance fuel.  Proudly made with manufacturer-grade Stevia and free from bulking agents, including erythritol.

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Plant Based


No Dyes

Gluten Free

No Sugar

Keto Friendly


**Sweetened with manufacturer-grade stevia that contains no bulking agents**

Introducing our newest electrolyte replacement powder, Hydro Helix Strawberry Margarita flavor with green tea caffeine. Everything you need. Nothing you don't. The same all natural ingredients as the Hydro Helix Orange, but with just enough caffeine from green tea added to promote optimal focus and concentration. See why athletes everywhere are switching to Hydro Helix Strawberry Margarita when "bonking" is not an option.

Our electrolyte powder is a refreshing and delicious blend of sodium, potassium, and magnesium - a true “sports endurance fuel” that brings ultimate performance and protection to your body. With our patented complex superstarch and a touch of caffeine, this synergistic formula is especially effective for sustained energy without sugar spikes and crashes.

No syrupy taste. The subtle saltiness is a welcome reminder of its healthy ingredients. Sweetened with manufacturer-grade Stevia that contains NO ERYTHRITOL or other bulking agents. Only the best ingredients for only the best performance.

No added dyes, thus no need for artificial emulsifiers. Why is this important? Drink companies often add BVO (brominated vegetable oil) or SAIB (sucrose acetate isobutyrate) to their products to keep ingredients (and dyes) suspended. These are detrimental as they accumulate in the body over time. Shake your Strawberry Margarita and smile each time. It's the margarita you can drink all day!

Whether you’re running a marathon, climbing a mountain, competing for hours in pickleball, or on the world’s tennis stage, the Strawberry Margarita with caffeine formulation can power you through. For the serious athlete or weekend soccer coach, the E3 formula is your best choice for electrolyte replacement powder. Here’s why.


Carbohydrates are macronutrients that provide the body with energy; however, not all carbs are created equal. Our formula contains a patented pea super-starch (not corn). This complex carbohydrate provides the body with quick energy that lasts, more effectively than simple carbs. Other drinks often use sugar in its many and varied forms for energy. Sugar provides only short-burst energy with spikes and crashes – not conducive for sustained energy levels. And sugar is one of the main causes of inflammation throughout the body.


Electrolytes are essential for good reason. As we perspire, we lose vital minerals that are responsible for muscle function, blood pressure stability, nerve signaling and heartbeat regulation. An electrolyte imbalance can trigger a domino effect of negative responses from muscle cramps to death! Strawberry Margarita blends in Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium. Combined with the sustained energy release from our patented super-starch, this customized electrolyte pack allows you to power through keeping your electrolyte stores in check.


Endurance, or stamina, refers to the body’s physical capability to sustain activity for an extended period. We need the endurance to perform repetitive activities of daily living, and especially to participate in sports. Cardiovascular and muscle endurance together constitute fitness. Strawberry Margarita brings together an all-natural synergistic formula with sustained energy fuel and the essential electrolytes for optimal long-lasting performance.

Customer Reviews

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Rob Rogers (Mooresville, US)

There is nothing I’d rather put in my system for sustainable energy and recovery more than Hydro Helix. I’m a fan of both flavors and look forward to more down the road. Thanks for providing an alternative to the popular sugar drinks I see being consumed. The service and response time for getting my order was exceptional.