Body Helix X-1 Paddle


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Paddle includes Accessory Kit & Paddle Cover -  $45 value 

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Product Specifications

Paddle Weight:  ~8.20 ounces
Grip Size: 4.25 inches
Handle Length: 5.25 inches
Paddle Length: 16.5 inches
Paddle Width: 7.5 inches
Balance: 245 mm 

Paddle Accessory Kit:

  • Eraser
  • Over Grip
  • Lead Weights

Product Description

Body Helix is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, the X-1, a premium Pickleball Paddle designed to enhance your game, whatever level you play. With elegant curves, lines, and shapes, the X-1 is a work of art, balanced for greater control and spin.

Body Helix’s X-1 Pickleball Paddle is a game-changer in the world of pickleball. With its combination of advanced materials and cutting-edge construction techniques, the X-1 sets a new “Gold Standard” for pickleball paddle design and performance.

Order yours today and experience the ultimate in performance and style. You deserve the best, and the Body Helix X-1 delivers it.

Product Highlights

With both Thermoformed, and Unibody construction this T700 Toray Japanese Raw Carbon, initially developed for aerospace applications, brings its incredibly strong yet lightweight structure to the palm of your hand. Carbon fiber was the material of choice when SpaceX first began designing its Starship rockets. The X-1 uses a very tight weave raw carbon, it may feel smoother to the touch but don’t be fooled. This carbon will give you unparalleled SPIN!

When you swing the X-1 you are wielding a Five-Layer paddle with 2 layers of Toray Carbon, 2 layers of proprietary non-woven fabric and one layer of large cell PP (honeycomb). The proprietary layers of non-woven fabric provide a larger sweet spot, noticeable crisp pop with easy power, and greater control. The solid constructed handle and outer perimeter ensure a soft, comfortable grip that reduces vibrations and fatigue.

We’ve added a TPU edge guard that is softer than other materials, providing paddle dampening and greater resistance to cracking in cold weather. The foam sealed edge guard provides a smoother feel with additional control for resets and contributes to the larger sweet spot.

Fred Robinson, Chairman of Body Helix...

“The X-1 Pickleball Paddle is a high-performing clean design paddle that is also a work of art. We’ve put our hearts and souls into every aspect of its design and meticulous production to ensure that it provides you with the highest performance possible. We wanted to create a paddle that was not only high-performing but also comfortable to use. The X-1 is designed with your comfort in mind.”


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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Robert C. (Mount Airy, US)
Intermediate player review

Paddle is solid, quiet and reactive with a big sweet spot and no dead areas. First upgrade from beginner (cheap) paddle so take with a grain of salt, but seems to be a power paddle that would appeal to tennis players due to length and power, where I (a ping pong player) might be happier with a shorter/lighter higher spin paddle. But again, new to paddles and may grow into it. No negatives to speak of, just not sure a fit for my style of play.

Rick Varley (Hot Springs Village, US)
Helix X-1 Pickleball Paddle VERY IMPRESSIVE!

I have been playing for 6 years and always play with the high end or top pro choices for paddles. Helix impressed me first and foremost with their braces and devotion to helping those with injuries. When I realized they were jumping into the pickleball equipment...I bought their balls and loved them. I play hard and have medaled in 6 different states in various tournaments. I know the game.
The paddle: When it comes in the mail the presentation begins with the packaging. The paddle is special and Helix treats it as such. As soon as you put it in your hands you know and feel the confidence. My NVZ or kitchen play is better and I have more paddle to go after those defensive lob shots. The pop is noticeable, and the paddle attracts attention. I just figured if Helix built a paddle it must be unique and worth a try....I am very,very pleased. Rick HSV Ark

SUSAB Welton (Kailua-Kona, US)
Power and control all wrapped up in one

So I was using the SLK control and I loved it. Helix is the SLK with control AND power. Absolutely amazing more power less errors watch out everybody.

Portland Reed (Fort Mill, US)

Same day, tried the X-1. Same day, bought the X-1. The same day I brought home a medal in 4.0+ singles using the X-1. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!

Rob Rogers (Charlotte, US)
Service and Product Quality

Body Helix never disappoints. The service was an exceptional experience. Received the product in a quick manner and loved showing off the new gear. Thank you for outstanding execution.