3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Endurance

3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Endurance

Jun 17, 2019Fred Robinson

3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Endurance.

After reading my first post on Mental Endurance and watching Roger Federer’s hitting session, you should have a quick glimpse at your attention span.  If you began wandering after 30 seconds, then roll up your sleeves because we have a lot of work to do!

If you easily sat down without distractions and breezed through this, then that’s an indicator that you are not starting from ground zero.

I’m going to break this down into three point segments, so you can give time to your thoughts and allow for absorption to take place.  I did not invent any of this…I simply have read many books, listened to many audio books, watched compelling interviews from accomplished people, and have filtered many resources that we have at our fingertips into a manageable mind picture.

Mental Endurance means being able to go the distance - PERIOD!  Mental concentration, flow, zone, tunneling, or whatever you like to call it is intentionally creating a neuro-chemical state of mind that allows you to perform at your highest possible level.


The power of our mental endurance comes directly from our "Why."  The strength of our mental endurance is measured by our “Why.”  We can allow our challenges to define us and tear us apart or we can use these crucial moments to re-wire our brain to become our best.  Give some deep thought as to why you have a goal.  If you don’t have defined goals, start with finding your “Why.”

mental enduranceWhen I started Body Helix, I didn’t have to ask why the big name companies weren’t providing athlete’s with the highest grade products.  I knew that when a company prioritizes profits before people, then people are the ones to get shorted.

Therefore, my "Why" was this...  Why can’t companies put people first and do everything they can to provide their customers with extraordinary products?  We are not a billion dollar company, but I will tell you that we have a billion dollar heart.  Our entire team works diligently to help people every single day.  This is not a commercial for Body Helix, it’s simply an honest example of “Why” all of us at Team Body Helix do what we do. It's because we all have the same “Why." Our expectations are to serve and our strength comes from this burning desire.  We get knocked down all the time and we get right back up.  


To expect immediate or quick results is immature and unrealistic.  If we put in the effort, over the long haul, we will see extraordinary results.  We can, with consistent effort, change our neuro-chemical state if this is what we truly desire.

On the court, I set expectations that can’t be trampled by anyone.  For example, when I go to a National tournament, I don't go to win matches.  I don't go to win the tournament.  I go to compete.  No, it doesn’t mean I am going to compete for every point.  It means that I will compete for every single ball hit.  Period.  And I will do this in a very steadfast manner.

Whether I win everything or get my lunch handed to me is irrelevant.  This is how you become mentally tough.  You don’t need to be a genius here.  Just watch someone like Rafa Nadal.  He runs after every single ball like a mad dog!  He is a mental giant on the court and you can be too if you quit whining about things like "I lost, I stunk, my shoes were the wrong size, my underwear was on backwards!!!"  Nobody cares about your whining...  Get out there and compete because that is the only thing you can completely control.


Our mental strength will always come through challenges. It’s actually a lack of real challenges that’s robbing us of our full power.  We need challenges, struggles, and sometimes even catastrophes to make quantum neuro-chemical shifts.  Through these experiences, we feel, we learn, and we grow.  Knowing and learning to accept this enables us to actually look forward to challenges with excitement and anticipation.  All of us have massively Body Helix Tennis Branding-1-1powerful minds with immense abilities to concentrate and focus into profound levels of thought.

Honestly, strength is such a huge part of mental endurance that I am going to focus on it entirely in my next post.  So, unfortunately, you'll have to wait... but here are a few hints:  Step one is to smash your ego to smithereens.  Step two is to decimate the Monkey Chatter.  In my next blog, I will go over how to shake those freakin monkeys out of the trees.  Stick around... I think you will find it worthwhile!

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Move Through It…

Fred Robinson

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