Fred's Favorite Body Helix Products

Fred's Favorite Body Helix Products

Aug 05, 2019Fred Robinson

Fred's Favorite Body Helix Products

Body Helix all began because I strained a hamstring and it wasn’t getting any better.  After playing for months with the constant pain, I was fed up!  I had tried everything on the market and came to one simple conclusion: None of these companies cared about me or my pain!  They were all using the cheapest neoprene material and they wouldn’t stay in place.  They didn’t give me much support, they filled up with sweat because of the material, and they were disgusting because I couldn’t wash and dry them!

I thought to myself, “Why the heck can’t these companies make something great?”  And then, I had an epiphany. They can, but they don’t care about their customers as much as they simply care about making money!  We deserve to have products made out of the finest materials available in the world.  Sure, they might be a few dollars more but after hobbling around with a strained hamstring for months, do you think I really cared about that?  NO.  I want to play without freaking pain!  Don't  you?

I was so fed up with being treated like a coin box from these companies that I set out on a journey to make a difference.  I wasn’t a big powerful company and I didn’t come from wealth.  But, I was simply fed up not only for myself but for all of my friends dealing with the same issues.

This is why I began tinkering with compression materials.  I was constantly searching and constantly testing.  I knew somebody needed to do something about this and I decided to make a difference.  Slowly, people joined to help me, which has become an incredible team of people who are dedicated to helping someone every time a product leaves our factory, where we proudly make our products right here in the USA.

Everyone in our company gets it and we all work hard to make life better for you. We aren’t interested in being the biggest company.  We aren’t interested in shipping you crappy products.  We simply aspire to be the best. No, we are not a billion-dollar company… but we do have a billion-dollar heart!

With all of that said, I want to give you a quick run-down of my personal favorite Body Helix products. To learn about what others think of Body Helix, check this out.

Elbow Helix

This is one of my favorite products because, like many of you, I have had painful tennis elbow.  Medically stated (sort of), “tennis elbow sucks.”  Like my sojourn with the hamstring issue, I found many deficiencies in the marketplace.  The elbow products didn’t work.  And when I tried to serve, one of two things happened:  They either slipped or they didn’t flex.

If having tennis elbow isn’t bad enough already, how do you think I felt when the stupid thing kept slipping?  Even more so, how was I supposed to serve without bending my arm?  I’m not throwing hand grenades here, I just want to bend my arm and hit a serve.  I wanted something that would compress and stretch.  I really believe in our Elbow Helix because it has worked so well for me and it can outstretch any motion for serving.

Side note: something that is truly mind boggling to me is how professional tennis players still allow their trainers to put tape on their knees.  Ever try to run without bending your knee?  Same issue with the same insane option. TAPE… It drives me to find a way to change the entire industry.  But I digress…

Calf Helix

For many of you, I’m sure you have strained or pulled a calf muscle.  I have, and can tell you that it’s not just about how much a material can stretch.  It’s also about how well a material can pull back and hug the muscle, which is called strain.

Our Calf Helix allows for both stretch and strain, and also cuts down on muscle oscillation, which is key. Pictured right: Body Helix brand ambassador, Jamie Creighton, sports two blue Calf Helixes during his high jump event.

X-Fit Ankle Helix

I tore my Achilles while practicing tennis.  It took about a year to heal and I began with our Full Ankle Helix.  As it healed, I moved down the X-Fit Helix.  I really liked the X-Fit Helix because of it’s low profile and comfort.  I was able to put it on and would forget that I was even wearing it.

Performance Hats

I must have tested 50 hats in order to find one that I wanted to offer to our customers.  For me, I wanted a dri-fit type material.  It needed to be deep enough so it would stay on and very light weight.  I also wanted a dark color underneath for less eye strain.  The Body Helix performance hats quickly became everyone’s favorite as soon as they put them on.

I wash mine after every use and hang them up to dry.  They dry super fast and are the best I have found.  Don’t worry, though, I am always looking for better options and if I find something better, than we will offer it to you.

OxyMesh Shirt

Tennis can be a grueling sport in the summer heat.  The number of shirts I have tested and tried is one more than infinite!  I always play in this shirt and can play an entire match without needing to change because it’s so light.  It dries in about half the time of a regular dri-fit shirt.

You have to be careful and keep them away from Velcro, though, as they can snag easily due to the super thin material. They are the coolest shirt you will find.  If you find something cooler, then let me know.  Body Helix brand ambassador, Eric Scott, is pictured right wearing the OxyMesh shirt.


Unisex Next Level Hoodie

This is my favorite hoodie.  I live in these.  They don’t have fleece inside, which I really like.  They are easy to wash and dry (of course) and are light weight.  Not what you may need for colder weather, but it’s perfect for warm ups.  This is the one hoodie I can actually play in when it is cool and be comfortable.

Comment below or shoot me an email with your favorite Body Helix product.  I am always open to feedback and suggestions... let me know if there is anything we can do better.

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