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Bio-Cultivating, in simple terms, brings you powerful health insights and free resources to foster clarity of perception and suggestions to improve your wellness. By cultivating and exploring a growth mindset, you increase your Healthspan.

Lifespan is a methodology centered around helping people live longer. Healthspan is a methodology that helps you maintain your quality of health longer.

We all know that 2020 was a brutal year for many.  The world as we know it changed rapidly.  The collateral damage to us physically, emotionally, and culturally could have lasting effects.

Bio-Cultivating can transform your outlook and your wellness in 2021. These powerful Healthspan insights offer fresh, creative ways to capitalize on today's cutting-edge human sciences.

This is an opportunity to learn, act upon what you’ve learned and then share it with others.  Bio-Cultivating will ultimately impact our culture and our world in a positive way.

These free resources are designed to help you reframe old perceptions and discover new techniques.  Bio-Cultivating tools are targeted tips for the physical and psychological aspects of your overall wellness. It’s time to integrate a growth mindset devoted to improving your Healthspan.

No one wants to live to be 100 if they are in pain or incapacitated for many years. In a Healthspan mindset, we stay vibrant and active (physically and mentally) for as long as possible.

A world of unhealthy choices inundates us. Yet, champions of health and fitness also surround us – if you know where to look.  Bio-Cultivating distills advice from these champions and places these resources within easy reach.

If you tuned-in over the past two weeks for our “Leaner and Healthier” blog, you are familiar with "Power Tools." If you haven't, then I recommend you go back to review them. Now let me show you just how easy and fun Bio-Cultivating can be. These tips will help increase your Healthspan. The bullet point menu below illustrates a few quick, yet extremely beneficial tools. The more behaviors you cultivate, the more you improve. Many of these tips are interconnected and interdependent.


    • Did you know that getting 8 hours of sleep increases Willpower?  And, increasing Willpower further empowers the gatekeeper.

    • If you get a full night's sleep, you will naturally consume fewer calories the following day.

  • Taking the role of Gatekeeper seriously imbues that person with power.  Power provides the confidence and courage to create permanence.


    • There is always a story to tell yourself about what you cannot do. This sets you up for failure. Be mindful of the stories you tell.

    • The art of mindfulness is the art of keeping your mind on "ONE" thing for an extended period.

  • Concentration is a skill. If you want to be good at this, it must be practiced repeatedly. Imagine what is happening when we practice distraction 8 hours a day, every day.


  • If you say something negative out loud, it is 10 times more powerful than if you think it. A negative statement is 4-7 times more powerful than a positive statement. Think carefully before speaking.


    • Chronic stress is harmful. Acute stress is helpful, which is what we put our bodies through when we are at the gym. This is needed to increase our resiliency.

    • Working out in the morning when cortisol levels are highest is a great fat-burning  window of opportunity to burn off stored fats and sugars. You only need about a 5-minute workout that will deliver big benefits. With Tabata, high-intensity training, you can cut this to 4 minutes.

  • First thing in the morning is a terrible time to consume simple carbs as they will be stored as fat.


    • The most undervalued pillar of health. Sleep is a master regulator of hormones.

    • Testosterone levels are profoundly affected by sleep. The most gain comes within the short window of 10 pm -12 midnight.

    • Improve your sleep with no electronics 90 minutes before bedtime.

    • If you get outside in the morning light for 30 minutes, it helps anchor your circadian rhythm.

    • Working out in the morning improves the quality of deep restorative sleep.

    • If you have a 3-hour window between your last meal or alcoholic drink before going to bed, it will help reduce brain inflammation and improves deep sleep.

  • The cellular waste management system called "Autophagy" is triggered to go to work when your body is not digesting food.

Explore this information with a growth mindset. Choose to act upon it, and you will improve your Healthspan. When you grow your knowledge base and share it with others, you improve our entire culture. That, my friend, is the true essence of Bio-Cultivating!
Learn, Act, Share!

This information comes from experts in many diverse fields who devote their lives to Bio-Cultivating.

This year, cultivate new ways of thinking about your workout routines, your food intake, your emotional outlook – all part of our Healthspan tips.

Move Through It!
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